IR cut and IR pass resists offer solutions for applications from facial recognition for biometrics to LIDAR for automotive, with the potential to integrate into RGB color filter arrays.

  • No angle dependency (Absorption type)
  • Processing with standard semiconductor equipment
  • Thinner film thickness and good uniformity
Spectrum Adjustable according to near infrared (NIR) light sources
  • IR-Pass material:>90% in NIR region
  • IR-Cut material:<5% in NIR region
Exposure Dose 50~2500mJ/cm2 (i-line)
Resistance Excellent heat and light resistance
  • EHS approved raw materials
  • Quart glass bottle with 0.76L
  • IR-Pass materials
  • IR-Cut materials

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  • IR control material series of WCM are negative tone imaging materials.
  • IR-Pass materials provide unique light transmittance, low along the visible range and high through the NIR region. IR-Cut materials enable you to cut the specific NIR light.
  • With various product lineups matched to NIR light sources, we continuously contribute to your device development.
  • These materials are very useful for various Optical Filter applications and NIR sensing applications such as Biometric Recognition, Night Vision, and Security.

Spectrum Image of IR-Pass Materials

Spectrum Image of IR-Cut Materials