Light shielding and black matrix resists for image sensor (IS) and wafer level lens (WLL) applications

  • Processing with standard semiconductor equipment
  • Thinner film thickness and good uniformity
  • Low reflectance
  • Small resolution down to 10um
  • Excellent shielding performance for NIR(NCB)
Spectrum Visible and near infrared (NIR) light sources
  • Non Carbon Black(NCB):
    Extremely low through 300-1800nm
  • Color pigment based:
    Extremely low through 300-700nm
Exposure Dose 50~2500mJ/cm2 (i-line)
Resistance Excellent heat and light resistance
  • EHS approved raw materials
  • Quart glass bottle with 0.76L
  • Gallon glass bottle with 2.89L
  • Non Carbon Black(NCB)
  • Color Pigment Based

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Black material series of Color Mosaic® are negative tone imaging materials. These non-carbon high optical density (O.D) type materials have high shielding and low reflection performance for visible and NIR light blocking applications. Application examples are Image sensor, Black matrix, Optical black area use(Chip frame shielding), Shielding for chip backside, Wafer level lens, etc.

Transmission Curve

Resolution(NCB-1, FT1.3)

Application Example