New Drug Development

With our sights set on helping patients along the entire care pathway, Fujifilm has made the significant investment required in research and clinical development for success in the pharmaceutical industry.

New Drug Development

Meeting Unmet Needs by Leveraging Fujifilm's Core and Fundamental Technologies

Rooted in over 80 years of technology and innovation, Fujifilm has leveraged its core and fundamental technologies such as nano dispersion technology and analysis technology for innovations in drug formulation development and drug delivery systems (DDS).


From photography to pharmaceuticals

With the goal of enhancing patient care and quality of life, the development of novel therapies and drug delivery methods are crucial to deliver solutions for unmet medical needs. Fujifilm is creating a wide variety of novel drug candidates for areas such as cancer, infectious diseases and central nervous system diseases, from small molecules to biologics by applying proprietary technologies harnessed through Fujifilm’s longstanding operations in photographic films. To advance its role in treatment, Fujifilm is currently conducting oncology clinical trials in the U.S. -- including the trial of its liposomal DDS formulation, which encapsulates a water-soluble anti-cancer agent which is expected to facilitate delivery of the required amount of the therapy to the cancerous cells.


Driven by technology

With innovation at its core, Fujifilm is providing DDS technologies to help achieve higher efficacy of treatments with less side effects. DDS technologies are expected to ensure the delivery of the therapy to the targeted area, while improving the stability of the therapeutic in blood– resulting in precision treatment and care. Another medical innovation born out of Fujifilm’s expertise in photographic film is the microneedle array. By applying high-processing technology, Fujifilm has developed an array of microneedles 100 to 2,000 μm long which can be applied to the epidermis to administer medicine while potentially decreasing pain and improving usability. The microneedles dissolve underneath the skin within minutes and due to the extreme fineness of the needles, the pain can be less than a standard injection. New therapies and drug delivery methods offered by Fujifilm have the potential to save lives while improving the standard of care for patients.