FDR D-EVO panels

DR solutions made especially for private practices like yours.

FDR D-EVO panels are light, portable detectors that can quickly turn your x-ray room into a DR room with incredible versatility, allowing you to perform table and free cassette-based exams with ease. There’s also no need to re-work your existing equipment because FDR D-EVO fits existing standard Buckys and holders.

FDR D-EVO P-Series Panels

FDR D-EVO P-series panels feature 150 micron pixel pitch and a wide 16-bit dynamic range, as well as Fujifilm’s exclusive, patented ISS (Irradiated Side Sampling) which provides ultra-sharp imaging with advanced dose efficiency. This exclusive design captures the x-ray image from the incident/patient side of the detector, in contrast to traditional designs which capture the image below the scintillator layer. The result is a reduction in the distance for light to spread, allowing the image to be captured where its sharper and stronger as it was always intended.

Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS)

High image quality from low dose

As a world-leading imaging and information company, Fujifilm is dedicated both to improving image quality and advancing dose lowering technologies and safe healthcare standards for patients. FDR D-EVO is a perfect example. It features engineering innovations which achieve dose efficiency improvements by as much as 30% compared to Fujifilm CR and as much as 20% over comparable DR detector designs, all while delivering exceptional images.


FDR D-EVO P35s and P35i - 14x17

These lightweight, cassette-sized 14x17 detectors are available with a detachable cord, so there are no batteries to change or charge, and are also available with the added flexibility of wireless.


Detector Panel 14x17
  Model   P35s   P35i
  Size   14x17   14x17
  External   18x15x0.55   18x15x0.55
  Connection   Tethered   Wireless
  Scintillator   GoS   GoS
  Weight (lbs)   7   7.3
  Pixel Matrix   2304x2880   2304x2880
  Pixel Pitch   150µ   150µ
  Cycle Time (sec.)   8   8-10
  Image Display (sec.)   1-2   1-2

FDR D-EVO P43s - 17x17

The wide 17x17” capture field provides coverage that improves positioning of routine and difficult exams with fewer images and fewer workflow steps. The detector never needs to be rotated between portrait and landscape, while still helping eliminate repeat exams and additional exposures due to cut-off.

Detector Panel 17x17
  Model   P43s
  Size   17x17
  External   18.1x18.1x0.55
  Connection   Tethered
  Scintillator   GoS
  Weight (lbs)   8.3
  Pixel Matrix   2816x2816
  Pixel Pitch   150µ
  Cycle Time (sec.)   8-12
  Image Display (sec.)   2

FDR D-EVO P24ic - 24x30cm

The latest from Fujifilm in dose reduction combines focused Cesium Iodide crystals with ISS technology to provide the ideal solution for low dose exams like pediatric and orthopedic. This 24x30 cm detector is just the right size for small anatomy exams such as extremities, shoulders, c-spines and more. Its light weight makes it especially safer for patients to hold during sunrise knee exams.

Detector Panel 24x30cm
  Model   P24ci
  Size   24x30cm
  External   24x30x1.6cm
  Connection   Wireless
  Scintillator   Csl
  Weight (lbs)   4.2
  Pixel Matrix   1535x1920
  Pixel Pitch   150µ
  Cycle Time (sec.)   5-7
  Image Display (sec.)   1-2


Portable x-ray solution

Completely portable

The FDR-flex is compact enough to be carried to patients no matter where they are, and flexible enough to instantly turn any analog x-ray room into a DR solution instantly. No wired connection to the x-ray system is needed!

FDX Console Laptop

The complete functionality of the FDX Console is available with the convenient portability and durability of a laptop with FDR-flex.

Utility box

The wireless communication utility box fits almost anywhere and is easily transportable to other systems or sites.

FDX Console

Dynamic Range x-ray

Dynamic Visualization™ – An exclusive Fujifilm advantage.

Our latest revolutionary approach to image quality is based on attaining extremely high sharpness, high contrast and wide latitude for the best possible first up display for every exam, every time.

Dynamic Range Control enhances visualization in the image, significantly clarifying over- and under-exposed areas.

Gradation Display Optimization maintains the highest contrast possible by intelligently optimizing display characteristics to achieve even wider latitudes than traditional processing.

Enhanced Menu Parameters are automated and specifically designed to improve sharpness, contrast and latitude for every anatomical menu.