Orhopaedic practices can benefit from the exceptional image quality, speed and reliability of digital x-ray. Fujifilm has a complete offering of CR and DR imaging solutions built with your practice in mind.

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High quality digital imaging for Orthopaedic practices

Fujifilm, the inventor of computed radiography (CR) technology, has more experience in optimizing images for display than any other digital x-ray manufacturer in the industry. Now that expertise is available to meet the specific needs of orthopaedic medicine. Digital images provide exceptional clarity with or without orthopaedic hardware, fine detail for sports injuries and single exposure full spine with CR. Our DR solutions can help those practices that put speed and radiation dose conscious at the top of their priorities.

Digital Radiography (DR)

DR within your reachFDR D-EVO P-Series
FDR D-EVO P-series DR flat panel detectors bring greater accessibility to DR equipment and workflow.

Computed Radiography (CR)

Affordable CR for low volume practicesFCR Prima T2
Everything you need, nothing you don’t. FCR Prima T2 is affordable, reliable, durable CR with hospital grade image quality.


Image enhancements are included standardFDX Console
The FDX Console acquisition workstation, built on user experience, powers your studies with our most advanced image processing.
Acquisition and storage for small practices FCR View
FCRView is the perfect option for those with limited means of exam room viewing and image storage.


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