Synapse® Communications

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Integrated tools offered in Synapse PACS to strengthen communication for Radiology including Results Escalation and Tracking, Emergency Department (ED) Findings and Peer Review.


Synapse Communications offers improved dialog between departments, results escalation, emergency department discrepancy tracking, radiologist peer review and other utilities to enhance radiology workflow. With this product, which is offered within Synapse PACS, Fujifilm has introduced a new dynamic for improved communication. Synapse Communications offers progressive tools and solutions to improve communication among clinical departments.


Emergency Department Findings

  • Closed loop communication between emergency and radiology departments
  • Tailored workflow for ED physicians and radiologists

Results Escalation and Tracking

  • Tag results from Synapse PACS
  • Stay focused on image interpretation
  • Track findings (critical results) with a dedicated worklist

Radiologist Peer Review

  • Customized peer review worklist
  • One-click review
  • Collaborate with committee review

Utilities including:

  • QA Notes
  • Tasks
  • Pulse

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