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The Synapse 5 server-side imaging architecture is the evolution of our enterprise imaging platform influenced by 20 years of experience. FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc., is the only large imaging company with the portfolio and underlying architecture to provide a true single-vendor enterprise-imaging solution. Imaging will always be a critical part of patient care, and we will be there.

Synapse 5 PACS pioneered server-side technology to set a new standard for enterprise imaging. With focus on speed and interactivity, Synapse provides remarkable on-demand access to massive datasets and the ability to immediately interact with the data.

Advances in efficiency and ergonomics facilitate productivity and a better overall user experience. The latest design includes:

  • Server-based image rendering
  • Zero-download viewer
  • Browser and operating system flexibility
  • Significant IT benefits

Integrated diagnostic breast tomosynthesis and MPR/Fusion eliminate the need to go to a different workstation or launch a separate application to complete workflows.

Synapse has been developed for and with our customers to positively impact patient care.

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Today's dynamic healthcare landscape presents greater clinical, technological, and regulatory challenges that impact radiology, IT, and the bottom line.

Need for speed
    Need for speed
  • Work fast without sacrificing performance.

Burden on IT
    Burden on IT
  • Overcome costly trends: bandwidth strain, reduced speed, and greater overhead.

Concern for security
    Concern for security
  • Implement a secure solution designed to manage protected health information without risk of breach.

Need for an enterprise imaging framework
    Need for an enterprise imaging framework
  • Install an organizational solution that offers an enterprise imaging informatics platform constructed to support DICOM and non-DICOM workflows.

Drive to improve user efficiency
    Drive to improve user efficiency
  • Find solutions that help users work both effectively and efficiently.

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Synapse 5 is the fastest way to address the challenges presented in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape. It is next-generation secure server-side technology that enables instant access to massive datasets using the most popular browsers with less bandwidth throughout the enterprise.

Speed at the core
    Speed at the core
  • Server-side image rendering leverages server power and superior bandwidth.
  • Launches directly in the browser with no waiting for studies to cache.

Bandwidth friendly
    Bandwidth friendly
  • Managing imaging from the server to the display—on demand and as needed, versus moving studies and caching them—results in significant reduction in network utilization and money saved for hospital IT organizations.

Tighter security
    Tighter security
  • Server-side design is fundamental to securing protected health information—no need to move the entire study to the desktop or mobile device.
  • Eliminates client-side study cache (HIPAA-friendly).

Comprehensive enterprise imaging
    Comprehensive enterprise imaging
  • Fujifilm is the only large imaging company with the MI portfolio and underlying architecture to serve as a single-vendor enterprise-imaging solution.
  • Manages the needs of each department for DICOM and non-DICOM images.
  • Adaptive design—constructed or deconstructed.

Improved user efficiency
    Improved user efficiency
  • On-demand image viewing and interaction saves time and streamlines workflow.
  • Native MPR/Fusion and MG tomosynthesis - complete workflows on a single workstation.
  • Provides global worklists, enhanced interruption workflow, and simpler access to information and tools.

Synapse Communications
    Synapse Communications: Enhanced suite of integrated tools
  • Closed loop communication between emergency and radiology departments.
  • Escalate exams for follow up and track critical results.
  • Radiologists' peer review allowing one-click review and committee review collaboration.
  • Learn more about Synapse Communications

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Synapse System Administration Training for PACS & CV

SSAT Radiology PACS Admin courses Foundation & Advanced
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2020 Synapse Radiology PACS Admin Online Support Q&A Sessions

At Fujifilm, our goal is to provide comprehensive and engaging education services to optimize your PACS experience. To support this initiative, Fujifilm’s Synapse® System Administration Team (SSAT) is offering complimentary, live Q&A sessions to hone your PACS administrative skills and responsibilities.

The recurring one-hour discussions provide an open platform for dynamic dialogue between Fujifilm SSAT experts and Synapse PACS users.

Common topics discussed include:

What's new (version-specific) | Reading protocols | Body-part mapping | Related procedure-code mapping | Workflow management | Admin reporting | Open forum

Join any or all of the following sessions to enhance product knowledge, share software experiences, and learn best practices to drive future success.










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