Synapse® 3D

A key component of Fujifilm's extensive enterprise imaging portfolio, Synapse 3D advanced visualization software uses 50 specialized applications to construct and analyze 3D images and aid healthcare professionals in interpreting, reporting, and treatment planning.

Synapse 3D

Synapse 3D delivers a comprehensive suite of applications consisting of general-use and specialty options for advanced image visualization and analysis. The software features Image Intelligence™ recognition technology that helps optimize processing capabilities, providing increased confidence in image assessment for providers. Designed with extensive clinical input, Synapse 3D incorporates intuitive, logical workflows that guide users to efficient and accurate results that can lead to improved patient outcomes.

The latest design features:

  • Server-based image rendering:
    • Enhanced speed for faster results
    • Broader bandwidth to easily manage large datasets
  • Ability to launch Synapse 3D inside or outside of the Synapse PACS version 5 viewer
  • Automatic processing of studies, enabling zero-click workflow
  • Ability to save and share workflow states:
    • Facilitate workflow continuance
    • Share exam states with other users within the enterprise for effective collaboration
  • 50 advanced applications spanning multiple specialty areas:
    • New apps in version 5.2: Surface Viewer, Oncology Viewer, CT Cardiac Perfusion, and CT Abdominal Perfusion

Synapse 3D overview

Clinical Applications

Synapse 3D applications are developed in collaboration with radiologists, cardiologists, surgeons, and other specialists to produce relevant clinical solutions that lead to exceptional patient care. Each multifaceted application is adeptly coded to quickly and accurately deliver imaging results that trigger confident healthcare decisions by changing the way healthcare providers see images.

  • The software uses award-winning1 2 Image Intelligence™ algorithms in the processing engines to yield confident results.
  • Peer-reviewed research has shown that patient safety, surgical confidence,3 and surgical effectiveness4 were all improved when using Synapse 3D.
  • There is a common UI, in which tools shared between analysis applications have the same appearance and function for consistency and ease of use.
  • Application linking creates additional efficiencies by allowing you to access up to five applications without exiting the others.

Clinical Tools


4-Chamber Analysis
Aortic Valve Analysis (TAVR)
Calcium Scoring
Cardiac Ablation Analysis
Cardiac Function CT
Cardiac Function MR
Cardiac Fusion
Cardiac Perfusion CT
Coronary Analysis CT
Coronary Analysis MR
Delayed Enhancement MR
Flow Analysis MR


Lung Analysis/Airway
Lung Analysis Resection
Lung Analysis Scope


Kidney Analysis
Kidney Volumetry

Synapse 3D Clinical Tools


4D Perfusion CT
Brain Perfusion CT
Brain Perfusion MR
Craniotomy/Tensor Analysis
Vessel Extraction


Colon Analysis
Endoscopic Simulator
Liver Analysis CT/MR
Liver Analysis MR


Abdominal Perfusion CT
Breast Analysis MR
Nuclear Medicine Viewer
Oncology Viewer
Prostate Viewer MR

General Function

2D Fusion 3D Comparison Dynamic Data Sector MPR
2D Viewer 4D Viewer Fat Analysis 2D & 3D Slicer
3D Compositor ADC Viewer Fusion Viewer Surface Viewer
3D Viewer Combination General CPR Tx Map
3D Viewer with VE Dental MPR MPR Reformat


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Synapse 3D features a sophisticated design that powers robust, high-performing advanced visualization software suitable for any enterprise and fully equipped to supplement complex imaging decisions. Its server platform offers intrinsic scalability, interoperability, and contemporary technology choices conducive to better patient care throughout the healthcare continuum.

Synapse 3D's underlying architecture features:

  • Server-based image rendering:
    • Reduces client (workstation) requirements, resulting in little to no need for IT support.
    • Leverages servers to fully prepare images for display.
    • Uses broader server-side bandwidth to optimize management of large datasets.
  • Web-based and enterprise-compatible software
  • Scalable hardware configurations with platforms that support physical and virtual servers
  • Pre-caching and automated pre-rendering capabilities that enable faster image results
  • Full-feature applications that use thin-client technology to reduce bandwidth consumption
  • Zero-download software technology for accessing and sharing 3D snapshots (i.e., "work states")
  • Memory-management optimization software that automatically allocates available resources, so users don’t experience resource limitations when using applications that require more computing power
  • One-click access from Synapse Radiology or Cardiology PACS
  • Enhanced user preferences:
    • Can be copied and shared to establish consistent workflows
    • Follows the user to any Synapse Radiology or Cardiology PACS
  • Tighter integration with Synapse Radiology PACS (version 5.x):
    • Launch advanced analysis applications
    • Invoke 3D options within the PACS Viewer
    • Restore Synapse 3D work states in the PACS Viewer
    • Provide single sign-on
    • Share a common database (for synchronized patient lists)

Synapse 3D - Architecture


Created in partnership with cardiologists and cardiovascular specialists, Synapse 3D offers indispensable tools for cardiology care without complexity of use. The cardiovascular offering comprises advanced cardiology applications expertly crafted to analyze image findings and support clinical assessments.

  • Comprehensive structured cardiology reports meet the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) and American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines and are integrated with Synapse Cardiogy PACS's structured reports.
  • You can perform coronary analysis using Fujifilm's award-winning1 automatic vessel segmentation and analysis algorithm.

Cardiology Tools

4-Chamber Analysis
Aortic Valve Analysis
Calcium Scoring
Cardiac Ablation Analysis
Cardiac Function CT
Cardiac Function MR
Cardiac Fusion
Coronary Analysis CT
Coronary Analysis MR
CT Cardiac Perfusion
Delayed Enhancement MR
MR Flow Analysis
 Synapse 3D - Cardiovascular image

Learn more about Synapse Cardiology PACS.


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