Enterprise Imaging Resource Center

Fujifilm's Enterprise Imaging Resource Center contains an expanding list of educational content, including videos, articles, whitepapers, and webinars, designed to help you refine your organization's enterprise imaging strategy. Discover how a comprehensive enterprise imaging strategy—enabled by the right technology—can help your organization achieve a more complete patient imaging record in your EMR.

Enterprise Imaging Videos

Fujifilm's Enterprise Imaging PortfolioFujifilm Enterprise Imaging Portfolio Video
Learn how a comprehensive enterprise imaging strategy, powered by the right IT solutions, empowers free and secure information sharing, real-time collaboration, and intelligent, proactive care.
REiLI: Artificial IntelligenceFujifilm Enterprise Imaging Portfolio Video
Discover how the Fujifilm artificial intelligence (AI) platform—powered by server-side informatics technology—will help healthcare providers impact patient care, improve workflows, and drive new research.
Synapse 5 PACSSynapse 5 PACS Video
With a focus on speed and interactivity, Synapse® 5 provides remarkable on-demand access to massive datasets and the ability to immediately interact with the data.

On-demand Webinars

Artificial Intelligence Powering Enterprise Imaging: An Educational Video SeriesArtificial Intelligence Powering Enterprise Imaging: An Educational Video Series
This five-part video series explores the effect artificial intelligence (AI) has on enterprise imaging today and its potential impact for tomorrow.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption in Imaging and Informatics, and Why Infrastructure MattersArtificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption in Imaging and Informatics, and Why Infrastructure Matters
Explore the potential applications of AI in imaging and informatics, and learn how healthcare institutions should prepare now for the performance demands of an AI-enabled IT architecture.
Enterprise Imaging Strategy beyond Radiology
We explore how a comprehensive enterprise imaging strategy can help mitigate patient-record security risks and achieve dramatic cost savings and security enhancements.

Infographics/One Pagers

Infographic: AI's impact on RadiologyAI's impact on Radiology
Fujifilm’s AI infographic illustrates emerging algorithms developed to revolutionize the future of radiology.
Fulifilm Enterprise Imaging One PagerFulifilm Enterprise Imaging One Pager
Receive a snapshot of the Synapse® Enterprise Imaging portfolio, and discover how each solution can break down the barriers between technologies and teams to allow for seamless information sharing.
Why it's time to consider a true vender-neutral archive (VNA)Snapse VNA infographic
Healthcare practitioners across the enterprise need seamless access to all clinical images to impact patient care. Download this infographic to discover why it's time to consider a true VNA.
Making measurable improvements in Radiology with Synapse RISSynapse RIS infographic
Radiology departments are overcoming their business demands using the Synapse RIS comprehensive informatics solution. Download this infographic to see how they're experiencing measurable gains and evolving their business.


Expanding server-side to cardiology and across the enterpriseSynapse 7x
In this article, Fujifilm Vice President of Medical Informatics Bill Lacy discusses Synapse 7X, a convergence of the company’s server-side technology designed to cover all the different areas of diagnostic visualization, as well as overall enterprise viewing.
Secure enterprise imaging: Protecting child abuse victimssecure enterprise imaging
This article by Greg Strowig details how an enterprise imaging strategy powered by a secure VNA can protect the privacy of one of the most vulnerable patient populations- children.
Q&A: Fujifilm's new AI-enabled enterprise PACSAI Q&A
In this executive Q&A, Bill Lacy, Fujifilm’s vice president of medical informatics, introduces Fujifilm’s latest next-gen, enterprise-wide visualization technology, Synapse 7X, to imagingBiz.com.
A meaningful solution for imaging accessTuality Healthcare
Fujifilm Senior Director of Enterprise Imaging Marketing Sara Osberger details how Tuality Healthcare improved clinical workflows by implementing the right enterprise viewer, and enhanced communication for more than 300 providers across the state of Oregon.
North Memorial Health colloboration spurs the development of a next-generation PACSNorth Memorial Health
imagingBiz explores North Memorial Health’s need to streamline its cardiac imaging and reporting access. The health system was searching for a single-vendor solution that could meet all its needs, and found its solution in its existing partnership with Fujifilm.
Q&A: How Fujifilm's REiLI initiative is primed to transform radiologist workflowBill Lacy
Bill Lacy, FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. vice president of medical informatics, reviews artificial intelligence's impact on radiologist workflow and previews what the company has in store for the future.
Radiologists receive thorough, hands-on PACS trainingAmerican College of Radiology - Vinay Sandhir
Since 2009, the American College of Radiology has trained more than 13,000 radiologists using Synapse PACS in its Education Center.
Q&A: VNAs and ongoing trends in the enterprise imaging marketplaceGreg Strowig, vice president of the TeraMedica Division of Fujifilm
Greg Strowig, vice president of the TeraMedica Division of Fujifilm speaks to Synapse VNA and common mistakes healthcare organizations make with their enterprise imaging strategies.
Saving seconds, saving lives — Englewood Hospital Medical CenterEnglewood Hospital Medical Center - Toggle article
Englewood Hospital Medical Center's chief information officer discusses how Synapse VNA fit within an ambitious and massive medical records overhaul initiative, that could eventually help the organization save money, time, and lives.
Bill Lacy on why radiologist excitement is growing around Fujifilm's AI initiativeBill Lacy
Bill Lacy, FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. vice president of medical informatics, discusses the company's Artificial Intelligence Research Project and radiologists' evolving perspectives on the initiative.
What you need to know now about server-side renderingJoseph Marion
Joseph Marion, Principal of Healthcare Integration Strategies, a healthcare technology consultancy, discusses key trends for organizations offering a server-side rendering (SSR) solution.
Embracing value-based care: Radiologists are more than read, rinse, repeatEmbracing value-based care: Radiologists are more than read, rinse, repeat
Radiologists are facing pressure to reduce spending and move toward value-based care.
A Conversation with Greg Strowig, Vice President, TeraMedica Division of FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.A Conversation with Greg Strowig, Vice President, TeraMedica Division of FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.
Images, patient records and clinical visuals are only valuable if physicians can easily access them while reviewing the patient's EMR.

Case Studies

Vendor-health system collaboration spurs development of a next-generation PACSNorth Memorial Case Study
North Memorial Health needed to streamline its cardiac imaging and reporting access and was searching for a single-vendor solution that could meet all its needs. Coincidentally, North Memorial was already working with the vendor that could make this vision a reality.
An Oregon health system connects 300+ healthcare providers with Synapse MobilityTuality Healthcare Case Study
At Tuality Healthcare, high-quality care delivery is a 24/7 job. Its providers needed a solution that supported this reality. By implementing the right enterprise viewer, Tuality improved clinical workflows and communication and has since made the solution available to more than 300 providers across the state of Oregon.
Spurred by Synapse, SUNY Downstate's EMR grows toward its full potentialSUNY Downstate Case Study
SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, achieves enhanced collaboration, a consolidated, automated and image-enabled EMR, and improved patient experience with the help of Fujifilm's Enterprise Imaging solutions.
ACR trains rads using Synapse PACSACR Case Study
More than 13,000 radiologists have advanced their training using Synapse PACS at the American College of Radiology's Education Center.
Synapse Mobility Enterprise Viewer in a France-based oncology institute Toulouse Case Study
Putting the patient at the heart of its system, Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse (IUCT) chose to take the digital initiative, paving the way for new technologies by implementing Fujifilm's new mobile application, Synapse Mobility Enterprise Viewer.
RIS at Southwest Diagnostic ImagingSDI Case Study
Synapse RIS enables Southwest Diagnostic Imaging (SDI) to implement concepts and ideas through new application programming interfaces (API) that weren't available previously.
Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) at Duke HealthJoseph Marion
Duke Health implemented the VNA to improve medical image storage and archive efficiencies and expand physician access and viewing of cross-departmental imaging.
Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) at Indiana University HealthVendor Neutral Archive (VNA) at Indiana University Health
Recognizing a need for an overarching storage solution to manage image volume and improve patient care, leaders at IU Health sought to implement a VNA that could be scaled across the health system to improve efficiencies and decrease duplication of imaging services.


Fujifilm Enterprise Imaging eBrochureFujifilm Enterprise Imaging eBrochure
Explore how each solution within the Synapse® Enterprise Imaging portfolio can empower real-time collaboration while supporting a comprehensive enterprise imaging strategy.

Customer Testimonials

A careful RIS replacement emerges as a key business-builderCampbell County
Southwest Diagnostic Imaging (SDI), a 30-plus site based in Arizona, discusses how it addressed several issues with its old RIS system, which prevented SDI from expanding and growing its business.
An enterprise-wide upgrade at Campbell CountyCampbell County
Significant population growth led Campbell County to seek an improved Enterprise Imaging strategy. The organization's single-vendor upgrade addresses many pain points over legacy solutions.
In Boston, a 3D power user raises the bar for pediatric imagingBoston Children's Hospital
Staff neuroradiologist at Boston Children's Hospital and assistant professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Sanjay Prabhu discusses the power of Synapse 3D in pediatric imaging at Boston Children's Hospital's Advanced Image Analysis Lab.

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Enterprise imaging spurs a bold vision of unparalleled care for countless kids in Northeast OhioNortheast Ohio
Learn how Enterprise Imaging (EI) with Fujifilm has enabled Akron Children's Hospital to impact patient care.
Installed a VNA? Your Enterprise Imaging Journey Has Only Just BegunYour Enterprise Imaging Journey Has Only Just Begun
Expanding Enterprise Imaging (EI) strategy in the healthcare setting with VNA at the core.
Highly Focused Conference Attendance Helps Main Street Radiology Improve Speed and CollaborationMain St Radiology
Lawrence Carl, MD of Main Street Radiology in Queens, NY has his finger on the pulse of today's most promising technologies to positively impact workflow and patient care.
Duke HealthDuke Health
It's important to gather the clinical leaders together when developing an enterprise strategy to have very straightforward and functional conversations about patient care.
Meriter Health ServicesMeriter Health Services
Physicians want a single point of access to look at the clinical documentation and images for their patients so they have a complete picture prior to discharge.
New South Wales Government HealthNew South Wales Government Health
Learn more about the challenges that large, complex organizations with disparate systems can face with EIR (VNA) implementations.
MD Anderson Cancer CenterMD Anderson
Improving efficiency and accuracy will simultaneously improve the quality of healthcare while bringing down the costs.
United Hospital System
Images need to be retained in their original form so they can be recalled and viewed in the original system that captured them.

Industry Events

Fujifilm at the Forefront of EI & AI at SIIM 2019Fujifilm at the Forefront of EI & AI at SIIM 2019
Take a look inside Fujifilm's evolving Enterprise Imaging and Artificial Intelligence powered by server-side technologies on display at SIIM 2019.
Driving Interoperability at SIIM 2019Driving Interoperability at SIIM 2019
Fujifilm showcases the valuable role that a VNA plays in an organization's Enterprise Imaging strategy, and participates in the annual #AskIndustry event at SIIM 2019.
Improve Productivity, Increase Profitability with Synapse EIS at SIIM 2019Improve Productivity, Increase Profitability with Synapse EIS
Explore Fujifilm's Synapse Enterprise Information System (EIS)- one of the most comprehensive workflow management solutions on the market- designed to extend beyond radiology and into all departments and facilities.
Collaboration and Advanced Visualization at HIMSS 2019HIMSS 2019
Fujifilm collaborates with its customers to help them break down barriers, achieve enhanced workflow efficiencies, improve cost savings, and improve patient outcomes for their enterprises. Check out the robust Synapse Enterprise Imaging portfolio in action at HIMSS 2019.
Synapse VNA—The Core of Enterprise Imaging at HIMSS 2019HIMSS 2019
Nathan Gurgel, Director of Product Marketing, Enterprise Imaging, dives into the foundational role that a VNA plays in an organization’s enterprise imaging strategy. Discover the true interoperability that can be achieved with Synapse VNA and Mobility Enterprise Viewer with these key takeaways from HIMSS 2019.
Fujifilm's Artificial Intelligence focus at RSNA 2018RSNA 2018
Imaging Technology News interviewed Bill Lacy, vice president of medical informatics, at RSNA 2018 to explore how Fujifilm will incorporate artificial intelligence into Synapse PACS and the impact it will have on radiologist workflows.
Enterprise Imaging and Artificial Intelligence takeaways from RSNA 2018RSNA 2018
Fujifilm's Enterprise Imaging solutions help providers see the whole patient so they can treat the whole patient. Take a look into how our Medical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence innovations spurred collaboration at RSNA 2018 and beyond.
HIMSS18 OverviewHIMSS18 Overview
Take a look inside Fujifilm's HIMSS 2018 offerings and see how we are improving access to imaging data across the enterprise.
HIMSS18 Highlights: Artificial IntelligenceHIMSS18 Highlights: Artificial Intelligence
Fujifilm introduced REiLI at HIMSS 2018, a brand which represents the company's global Medical Informatics and Imaging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology Initiative. Watch this video to learn how we are working to make AI meaningful to our end users.
HIMSS18 Highlights: Enterprise ImagingHIMSS18 Highlights: Enterprise Imaging
Fujifilm can centralize all of the imaging from a healthcare organization into one single repository, giving a clinician a single point of access for an entire patient record. This video gives insight into our Enterprise Imaging solutions that were displayed at HIMSS 2018.
HIMSS18 Highlights: Cardiovascular SolutionsHIMSS18 Highlights: Cardiovascular Solutions
Synapse Cardiovascular is a comprehensive image analysis and reporting solution for cardiology. Watch to learn more about how our software applications help clinicians achieve quick and secure access to patient information from virtually anywhere.