Synapse® 3D

Access Synapse 3D in a single click from any Synapse Cardiovascular client. Simple, relevant and comprehensive analysis conveniently accessed at your workstation - wherever you are.

Advanced Visualization Software that
Enhances and Advances Patient Care

High Image Quality Improves Confidence

The image recognition technology Image Intelligence™ used in Fujifilm's digital cameras, is adopted in Synapse 3D to allow optimized image processing capabilities. As a leading company in the imaging industry, we are able to take advantage of technologies to improve the way images are seen.

Enterprise-Wide Solutions Allow Easy Access

By saving the workflow state of an examination to a common platform, it is possible to share existing work with other users across the medical imaging enterprise. these features allow technologists, radiologists and specialists of various departments to cooperate seamlessly, resulting in a fast, collaborative approach to patient care.

Application Tools are Clinically Relevant

Synapse 3D applications are designed in collaboration with radiologists, cardiologists, surgeons and other specialists to produce clinical solutions relevant to patient care.

For more information about Synapse 3D, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact your Fujifilm representative at 1-866-879-0006.

Application Tools

Each application is designed by Fujifilm Medical Systems engineers.

The software utilizes award-winning* Image Intelligence™ algorithms in its processing engines to produce results you can be confident in.

And, because clinicians are a part of or software development process, you can be assured the workflows, tools and analysis displays are clinically relevant your image analysis needs.

Clinical Tools

Coronary Analysis CT Coronary Analysis MR
Cardiac Function CT Cardiac Function MR
Calcium Scoring Cardiac Fusion
MR Flow Analysis Aortic Valve Analysis
Ablation Analysis 4-Chamber Analysis

General Tools

2D Viewer Fusion Viewer
3D Viewer 2D Fusion Viewer
4D Viewer 3D Comparison
Dynamic Data MPR Reformat
Combination General CPR

Thin-Client Terminals

Access full-featured applications from any PC using thin-client technology. In busy departments, technologists, radiologists and clinicians are able to access valuable data to enhance the care of their patients without wasteful redundancies - truly advancing healthcare.

Zero-Client Terminals

Share Synapse 3D snapshots of any clinical application with referring physicians, surgeons and patients using tblet devices.

Display Synapse 3D on surgical monitors for clinical correlation in the surgical suite.

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For more information about Synapse 3D, contact your Fujifilm representative, call 1-866-879-0006, or use this form. We'll get back to you within one business day, if not sooner!

Synapse 3D