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Enterprise Imaging Resources

Fujifilm Enterprise Imaging eBrochureFujifilm Enterprise Imaging eBrochure
Explore how each solution within the Synapse® Enterprise Imaging portfolio can empower real-time collaboration while supporting a comprehensive enterprise imaging strategy.
Fujifilm Enterprise Imaging One PagerFujifilm Enterprise Imaging One Pager
Receive a snapshot of the Synapse® Enterprise Imaging portfolio, and discover how each solution can break down the barriers between technologies and teams to allow for seamless information sharing.
Fujifilm Enterprise Imaging PortfolioFujifilm Enterprise Imaging Video
Learn how a comprehensive enterprise imaging strategy, powered by the right IT solutions, empowers free and secure information sharing, real-time collaboration, and intelligent, proactive care.
Synapse 5 PACSSynapse 5 PACS Video
With a focus on speed and interactivity, Synapse® 5 provides remarkable on-demand access to massive datasets and the ability to immediately interact with the data.
REiLI: Artificial IntelligenceFujifilm Enterprise Imaging Portfolio Video
Discover how the Fujifilm artificial intelligence (AI) platform—powered by server-side informatics technology—will help healthcare providers impact patient care, improve workflows, and drive new research.

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