Balloons and Overtubes

The exclusively developed specialized balloons (BS­2) and sterile, single-use overtubes (TS­12140, TS­13140, and TS­13101) allow for complete positioning of the endoscope in the small intestine. The tip of the scope can be smoothly inserted to reach the area of observation and treatment.


  TS-12140 TS-13140 TS-13101
Used With EN-450P5/20 EN-450T5 EC-450BI5
Outer Diameter 12.2mm 13.2mm 13.2mm
Inner Diameter 10mm 10.8mm 10.8mm
Outer Diameter (Balloon) 40mm 40mm 40mm
Working length 1,350mm 1,350mm 950mm
Total length 1,450mm 1,450mm 1,050mm


Outer diameter of balloon 35mm
Use frequency Single use only
Quantity 10 piece/pack