Experience the power of MORE with the ELUXEO Video Imaging System and the full line of 700 Series Colonoscopes: combining unparalleled visualization capability with exceptional maneuverability and control to streamline access and enable optimal detection in both routine and complex procedures.

Fujifilm’s full line of Colonoscopes includes:

  • • EC-760R-V/L Standard Colonoscope
  • • EC-760P-V/L Slim Colonoscope
  • • EC-760S-V/L Treatment Colonoscope
  • • EC-760ZP-V/L Zoom Colonoscope

ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscopes combine optimized features to Give You More:

The variable stiffness adjustment capability of the ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscopes enables instant adjustment when navigating the colon. Combined with the advanced force transmission and adaptive bending technology found in Fujifilm’s 700 Series Colonoscopes, these controls offer direct translation for force and torque: engineered to help endoscopists minimize looping during procedures and support the ability to reach the cecum as quickly as possible, focusing more time on examination, detection, and treatment during withdrawal.

Forward water jets found on all ELUXEO 760 Series Colonoscopes provide optimal force to quickly clear debris, along with ample suction capability to keep the exam area clear in challenging situations.

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The 700 Series of Fujifilm colonoscopes run on the ELUXEO Endoscopic Video Imaging System with one-step connection. Discover the power of ELUXEO’s innovative 4-LED Multi-Light illumination technology, enabling the highest quality White Light images displayed in full HD, and view examples of extraordinary images using one-touch Linked Color Imaging (LCI®) and Blue Light Imaging capabilities.