ELUXEO® 700 Series Colonoscopes

Fujifilm’s ELUXEO® 700 Series Colonoscopes are designed to make driving to the cecum easier for endoscopists. With a lighter control section, reduced angulation torque, and control body ergonomics all designed for comfort and performance.

Fujifilm 700 series colonoscopes are resilient – from the distal tip to the proximal shaft – providing increased stiffness when approaching the hepatic flexure. The advanced construction and materials used to manufacture the ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscopes reduce the potential for mechanical breakdown and associated maintenance.

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The 700 Series of Fujifilm colonoscopes run on the ELUXEO Endoscopic Video Imaging System with one-step connection. Discover the power of ELUXEO’s innovative 4-LED Multi-Light illumination technology, enabling the highest quality White Light images displayed in full HD, and view examples of extraordinary images using one-touch Linked Color Imaging (LCI®) and Blue Light Imaging capabilities.

ELUXEO® 700 Series Colonoscopes

Exceptional Maneuverability

The layout and size of the control portion and the angulation knobs of the ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscopes are positioned to increase accessibility from the grip. The G7 grip is designed to have an easy and comfortable feel that optimizes performance and minimizes stress during clinical procedures.

Flexibility Adjuster

The Flexibility Adjuster on ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscopes allow physicians to adjust the stiffness of the flexible portion of the scope to accommodate preference as they navigate anatomy.

Advanced Force Transmission

The flexible portion on ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscopes is engineered to transmit the pushing, pulling and rotating movements from the endoscopist’s hand to the distal end of the endoscope, supporting enhanced maneuverability inside the digestive tract.

Adaptive Bending

The end of the bending section on ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscopes is soft, allowing the scopes to follow the natural contours of the intestinal tract. The flexible bending section has been designed to return more easily to its straight form after passing through the tight curves of the colon.

Smooth Working Channel

Working channels on ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscopes offer 3.2mm to 3.8mm minimal instrument channel diameters to accommodate a wide variety of devices and facilitate smooth device passage and exchange.

Easy Instrument Identification

Each ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscope displays the information required to choose compatible accessories, helping to facilitate on the spot decision making.

Optimal Viewing

With the ELUXEO 700 Series Colonoscope close focus optical system, visualize and capture images with exceptional quality as close as 2mm, with less peripheral distortion. And featuring an expanded 170° Field of View*, visualize more difficult-to-observe areas with ease.

Discover More about the advanced visualization capabilities of the ELUXEO Video Imaging System.

ELUXEO® 700 Series Colonoscopes

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