Introducing 700 Series Endoscopes as part of the ELUXEO® platform

Expanding our solutions in Image Enhanced Endoscopy, the 700 Series Endoscopes are designed to enhance usability and advance visualization. These scopes are equipped with CMOS chip-in-the-tip technology, and feature a new G7 Grip, a Flexibility Adjuster, and a One-Step Connector.

The 700 Series Endoscopes provide you with the following features and benefits:

  • Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor enables clear, smooth, high-resolution video less susceptible to image noise
  • One-Step Connector eliminates the need to attach a separate video connector during setup, enhancing the efficiency of clinical workflow
  • Contact-Free Technology provides wireless, high speed transmission of data. This technology simplifies the cleaning process and reduces potential for accidental damage
  • The G7 Control Portion features a renewed layout, designed to have an easy and comfortable feel that optimizes performance and minimizes stress during procedures.
  • The Flexibility Adjuster allows the user to adjust the stiffness of the flexible portion of the scope according to preference.*
  • 60 fps video provides high definition still images with less blurring
  • Sharp and Accurate Color Representation
  • Stable Illumination and Excellent Image Brightness
  • HDTV Compatible
  • Close Focus Lens System enhances observation capability as close as 2mm
  • High Performance Optical System with less peripheral distortion
  • Forward Water Jet Function equipped for both the colonoscope and gastroscope
  • Air/Water Nozzle to improve lens cleaning capability
  • Improved Air/Water & Suction Button
  • Slim Outer Diameter
  • Lightweight design and easy manipulation of angulation control dials

* Flexibility adjuster is available with the EC-760R-V/L

  EG-760R EC-760R-V/L
Field of view 140° 170°
Viewing direction 0° (Forward) 0° (Forward)
Observation range 2 - 100mm 2 - 100mm
Bending capability UP: 210°        DOWN: 90°
RIGHT: 100°  LEFT: 100°
UP: 180°        DOWN: 180°
RIGHT: 160°  LEFT: 160°
Working length 1,100mm 1,690mm
Total length 1,400mm 2,010mm
Distal end diameter 9.2mm 12.0mm
Flexible portion diameter 9.3mm 12.0mm
Minimum instrument channel diameter 2.8mm 3.8mm
Image size Super image Super image
Flexibility adjuster Not available Available
Compatible Systems ELUXEO 7000 Video Imaging System ELUXEO 7000 Video Imaging System

600 Series Endoscopy Video