FUSUN (Fuji Synapse Users Network)

FUSUN is a network of current and soon-to-be users of Synapse.

The membership of FUSUN is comprised of a broad spectrum of professionals, including radiologists, directors, administrators, and key radiology support staff. This diversity ensures that FUSUN's efforts are directed with consideration to all areas of Radiology administration. Activities of the FUSUN User Group are directed solely by its members with strong support from FUJIFILM.

Please note that this site is intended for the use of current or soon-to-be users of Synapse. Send comments or suggestions to fusun@fujimed.com

IntelliGroup Live

IntelliGroup Live is a real-time forum hosted, via the web and teleconference, in concert with the online discussion forum provided by FujiFilm. IntelliGroup Live allows FUSUN members the unique opportunity to interact directly with FujiFilm representatives, as well as invited presenters.

Check the Events Calendar to see upcoming meetings, presentations, and other events.



Kim Cumbow
PACS Administrator
St Joseph/Redwood Memorial Hospital
2700 Dolbeer Street
Eureka, California 95501
707-445-8121; x6140 office

  • Overall responsibility for the continued functioning of FUSUN.
  • Plan and preside at all meetings of FUSUN and its officers.
  • Exercise general supervision over the activities of FUSUN.
  • Maintain communications with FUSUN members, Fuji, and other product user groups.


John Mowry
Digital Imaging Manager
Office 682-885-6370
Cook Children's

  • In the absence of the Chairperson, perform all responsibilities of the Chair. Assume any responsibilities delegated by the Chair. The Chairperson-Elect automatically becomes Chairperson on July 1 following his/her term as Chairperson-Elect. Immediate Past Chairperson:
  • In the absence of the Chairperson and Chairperson-Elect, perform all responsibilities of the Chair. The immediate past chairman shall be the primary liaison between all committees and tasks forces and the Executive Committee.



  • Prepares minutes/record of all educational meetings of the FUSUN.
  • Oversees the following administrative functions:
    • Prepares minutes of all group business meetings and conference calls;
    • Records attendance at meetings and determine if a quorum exists;
    • Maintains a roster of active and inactive members and a current mailing list containing membership information;
    • Updates the FUSUN Charter as necessary;
    • Mails meeting announcements to current members;
    • Receives and disburse all FUSUN funds; and
    • Maintain financial records and report on the financial condition of the FUSUN in accordance with the Executive Committee and FMSU.


Membership Structure:

Membership is open to any organization that is a licensee of FujiFilm Medical Systems USA, Inc., actual users, or soon to be users of Fuji Synapse that are in good standing and that will support the purpose of FUSUN.

Membership Dues:

Membership is free of charge to all qualified Institutions