Samba 42000 Inkjet Printbar System

The 42000 Printbar System can easily be integrated onto an existing flexo label press. This digital imprinting system consists of all the components required to bring digital benefits to your label products. Each Printbar contains ten 1200 DPI resolution Samba printheads creating a 17-inch print zone.



The Power of Fujifilm Inkjet Technology

Fujifilm introduces the Samba 42000 Printbar System, a product designed to bring the capabilities of high resolution and speed using the Samba MEMs inkjet printheads to your flexo label production.

Now you can boost your business by adding an inline digital print system for a wide range of personalized or data printing applications including text, logos, QR and bar codes and graphics.

This system allows the flexibility and versatility needed to explore and develop all your in-line digital printing needs.


Raising the Bar in Printing

Samba drop-on-demand inkjet printheads jet billions of drops per second, each directed to a precise location, producing high resolution single pass imprints at an incredible speed of up to 300 feet per minute. Each Industrial Silicon MEMs constructed printhead within a printbar has 2,048 nozzles to deliver a native 1200 dpi resolution with an ink drop size as small as 3 picoliters (pl) for outstanding fine graphic quality. The patented RediJet ink recirculation system ensures printbars are instantly primed, resulting in faster time to print, minimal ink waste and improved reliability.


Versatility Tuned to Your Business

The flexibility of the Samba 42000 Printbar System makes digital imprinting within manufacturing a possibility. Fujifilm Dimatix printheads are a proven technology using UV inks on multiple substrates. The ability to host various colors including: black, spot colors, whites and protective/decorative varnishes.

The Samba 42000 Printbar is easily integrated within your environment and comes complete with everything you need to get up and operating quickly.


*capabilities may vary depending on application


Line speed Up to 300 fpm [90 m/min]*
Number of colors One color system: black, white, spot color, or varnish
Printbars supported Single printbar per system
Print width 10 in. [250 mm]/13 in. [330 mm] /17 in. [420 mm]

Fluid Parameters

Curing LED UV
Maintenance Automated maintenance and capping station
Compatibility UV-curable

Control Parameters

Image alignment High Resolution encoder and trigger
Interfaces Windows® 7 Graphical User Interface
Variable data Yes

Physical Parameters

Printbar dimensions Height = 24 in. [612 mm], depth = 7 in. [178 mm], width = 38.5 in. [977 mm]
Power Universal 120-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 20 amps