Fujifilm Workflow XMF

Fujifilm XMF Workflow is a highly capable workflow system based on JDF specifications and Adobe APPE technology. This gives XMF Workflow tremendous flexibility and increased integration capabilities with MIS and other third party solutions that support the JDF specification. XMF Workflow has many “high value” features including the ability to scale the system based on productivity requirements. XMF Workflow is an end to end solution from PDF creation and preflight through imposition to trapping and output maintaining the PDF file format right up to the final rendering stage using the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE), interpreter.

Workflow is a crucial function at the heart of any print operation, whether offset, digital or a combination of both. XMF Workflow is a powerful and flexible production hub that is built around PDF and JDF technologies to offer a rich set of capabilities in pre-flighting, color management, imposition and screening for a variety of output devices that include platesetters, digital presses and Fujifilm’s J Press 720 digital inkjet press.

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Fujifilm Workflow XMF

  • Pure PDF workflow for maximum performance and fidelity
  • Native JDF architecture for maximum flexibility
  • Integrated imposition for productivity and accuracy
  • Intelligent automation to maximize quality and throughput
  • Cross-media capability for offset and digital presses


  • Multiple PDF input
  • Named pipe & dropfolder / Imposed JDF Input
  • MIS JDF Input
  • File Naming Template Import
  • File Naming Template Export
  • 1 Bit Tiff Input
Page Preparation
  • Normaliser / conversion to PDF
  • Integrated Enfocus Preflight/Action list
  • Font Embedding
  • Document CMS / FF Enhanced CMS
  • Ink Mapping
  • Page Box Adjust
PDF Export
  • Print Ready PDF Document
  • PDF Stitched / Imposed
  • Rendered PDF Export
JDF Export
  • JDF Job Bag + PDF document
  • JDF Job Bag including impose data
  • PDF Viewer Client
  • 2D Single Page Viewer
  • 3D Viewer
  • Impose viewer
  • Rendered View mode
  • Document View mode
  • JDF Layout Import / Create / Edit
  • JDF Stripping Import / Create / Edit
  • Auto Impose with naming template
  • JDF Native APPE RIP
  • Multiple workflow’s (CTP / Press)
  • Workflow Streams
  • Adobe In-Rip Trapping
  • Web Stretch compensation
  • RIP Proof & Proofer CMS (Proof TIFF Output)
  • ROOM Proofing
  • XMF Remote
  • Low Res Preview (for e mail approval)
Digital Printing Connection
  • JDF Job Control / Native PDF out
  • Raster PDF Export
Device Driver Connection
  • Device Driver or Tiff Out
Screening Software
  • FFQS (Dart, Javelin, Violet CTP)
  • CoRes Screening (Thermal CTP)
  • CoRes Screening (Violet CTP)
  • TAFFETA (Thermal CTP)
  • TAFFETA (Violet CTP)