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PF Media Technologies

Prepress Automation and Optimization Software

PF Media Technologies automates prepress, from job arrival, through preflight and fixes, color management, and imposition, all the way to the RIP engine.

Handle a small number of documents with PF Media Technologies Tools
Automate hundreds of documents with PF Media Technologies Workflow
Manage thousands of documents with PF Media Technologies Solutions

At a Glance

  • Automated Workflow for Newspapers
  • Simplifies Ad, Page, and Pair processing
  • PDF Normalization
  • Preflighting and Auto-Fixing
  • Auto Size Checking and Correction
  • Auto Page Pairing / Imposition
  • Dynamic Ink Optimization
  • Corrects for Web-Growth and more
  • For the Canadian market, please contact your local sales representative.


PF Media Technologies WebPairer
Fully Automated Newspaper Workflow with WebPairer
Three levels, Intro, Light and Full, for all newspaper operations
Ad and Page preflighting, auto-fixing, and job management with Automator 
Advanced, dynamic, and automated ink optimization with ColorSaver
Automated photo toning for all standard photo file formats and pdf's  Claro

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