Metrix streamlines and automates the entire planning and imposition process...

...with a single, user-friendly application. Metrix stores your presses, stocks, finishing equipment and shop standards in a database, and dynamically generates the most cost-effective imposition layouts based on the job specifications you enter, or import from your MIS. Metrix then sends the data directly into your prepress system and finishing equipment. Whether you’re a commercial printing company or an e-commerce print portal – or both – Metrix will save you time and money.

Metrix is specifically designed to eliminate the complexities of planning a number of jobs, especially those that include custom-sized work, and helps even a novice planner to confidently and consistently create complex layouts. Whether it's one job or 100, Metrix calculates the layout - taking into account different sizes, different quantities, mixtures of flat and folded work, different bleeds and even grain direction requirements - with a simple click of a button.

Metrix Server, in conjunction with Metrix, enables “black box” automation of planning, imposition, and finishing machine setup. How? Each time Metrix generates a new layout, it can be saved by the operator as a standard layout. Metrix automatically notes all the associated conditions – the press, binding machine, job type and trim size, etc., and then can automatically apply these standards each time similar job specifications and conditions are encountered. These user-defined, best practice standards are leveraged by Metrix Server to perform the job planning and imposition automatically – without any human involvement at all. At the same time, JDF or CIP3 data can be sent off to perform the automatic setup of enabled finishing equipment. If your printing company produces a lot of repetitive work, Metrix Server could mean tremendous savings, since this standard work can be planned and imposed without the need for any operator intervention at all. The MIS simply sends the job data to Metrix Server and it does the rest. This technology will completely reshape the production planning department of the 21st century printing company and bring the possibility of “lights out” production automation one step closer.


  • The metrix database is at the heart of consistent, intelligent, precise and automated planning and imposition. The Metrix database stores your presses, binding machines, stocks, and best practices freeing your operators to concentrate on producing work, and centralizing this all-important data to ensure standardization, predictability, and error-free planning and imposition.
  • the metrix auto layout engine makes short work of generating optimum layouts. Metrix even provides relative job costing for the various layout possibilities it comes up with, giving your operators an easy way of finding the most profitable way to do the job.
  • the metrix wizard guides you through job specification step-by-step, averting common mistakes because the intelligent Metrix engine uses the database along with industry-specific algorithms to ensure that every Metrix project can be printed and finished as specified. If you have JDF or Metrix XML or even CSV from your MIS or job entry system, just import the data and go!
  • metrix ganging is without parallel, and is recognized as the industry standard. Do you have an e-commerce print portal taking in shortrun business cards, postcards, brochures, and the like? Metrix handles these types of jobs with ease. Once you feed Metrix the specs and decide on which press setup(s) you’ll use, click the button and let Metrix do the rest. At the same time, Metrix prepares a JDF or CIP3 file for automated setup of your guillotine, and a barcoded PDF for your shipping department.
  • metrix auto plan is another exclusive technology that plans and simultaneously imposes products across multiple press sheets and even across multiple presses. Metrix Auto Plan can be used to plan book covers, books, business cards, flyers, and everything in between, helping you to achieve unprecedented profits.
  • metrix simplifies the complex and enables all your operators to generate plans formerly reserved for only the most skilled and experienced planners.