Seridisc OM

Seridisc OM

Whites, fluorescents, metallics and specialty finishes to compliment the DVD range.


  • Formulated for Extremely Low Shrinkage to Increase OM Replication Latitude
  • Very Fast Cure Rates (30mJ/cm2 for Scan Pass Processing and 200mJ/cm2 for Full Cure Processing)
  • Smooth, High Gloss Finish
  • Press Ready – No Additives or Modifiers
  • Incorporates Unique "Soft Gel" Rheology – Will Not Drip Through Mesh
  • Ideal Viscosity for Both In-Line and Off-Line Printing Equipment
  • Superior Print Performance – Resulting in High Definition Picture Quality
  • Excellent Adhesion to Polycarbonate and Major UV Spin Coat Varnishes
  • SeriDisc Inks Do Not Contain N-Vinyl-2 Pyrrolidone (NVP), Amines, or Any Volatile Materials Which Can Fog Optical Discs.

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