Fujifilm offers a new additional no-bake, true no-process thermal plate – SUPERIA ZD to complement the existing Ecomaxx-T. As the industry leader in true processless technology, ZD joins Ecomaxx-T to deliver the smallest environmental footprint: there is no effluent to dispose of and no additional consumables to contend with, which is not only good for the environment, but also an advantage for printers.

Superia ZD is a new addition to the Fujifilm processless plate portfolio for the commercial market, produced in Greenwood, SC. Fujifilm’s key performance feature improvement for Superia ZD is the ability to print UV ink conditions and also provide improved run length in non-UV ink environments. Both products are proven winners and provide solid, viable portfolio options.

The ZD plates are made with Fujifilm’s proprietary multigrain technology, applying a complex grain structure, consisting of primary grains, honeycomb grains and micropores, to an aluminum support. This MultiGrain structure produces a synergistic effect that results in outstanding printing efficiency.

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  • True processless technology allows the plate to be imaged and mounted directly on press for immediate use
  • Higher polymer sensitivity results in faster imaging
  • MultiGrain surface structure for optimum ink/water balance
  • 1-99% at 200 lpi conventional and 300 lpi FM and hybrid screening technologies
  • No ablation