Sundry Pressroom Supplies

Fujifilm offers a complete range of pressroom products and equipment, as well as pressroom chemistry including fountain solution, roller wash, blanket wash, coatings, silicone, lubricants and other pressroom sundry supplies. 

Fujifilm is your one source and carries the quality items needed to keep your pressroom running smoothly.

Available Items:

Tapes:  Fujifilm offers a variety of tape products from world class manufacturers such as 3M, Tesa and Fiberweb.

Splicing tapes: Fiberweb Weblock and Tesa’s high tech splicing tape options.

Packaging tapes: carton sealing, masking, etc

Litho tapes

Tesa flexo “stickyback” plate mounting tapes

Fountain Liners: Not all fountain liners are made to OEM specifications.  FUJIFILM’s Signature liners are. 

Perforation and Scoring: Not only does FUJIFILM offer brand names you trust – like HS Boyd and Thompson but we also offer our own private label Signature perf and score tapes.  Regardless of your needs, we’ve got  you covered.

Anti-Marking Product:  FUJIFILM offers a wide variety of anti-marking products for most makes and models of presses; nets, silicone impregnates sheets and cylinder jackets from a variety of suppliers – most  of which are OEM specified for your equipment

Shinoda: the manufacturer of choice of sheet anti-marking product and jackets.  OEM specified by many of the world’s leading press manufacturers.

PRI Superblue: The brand name you’ve come to know and trust in nets and cylinder jackets.

Anti-Offset Spray Powders:  Most know that spray powders are vegetable starch powders.  FUJIFILM can help you select from a variety of manufacturers to find the right powder for your operation.  Coated or uncoated, wide spectrum particle sizes or narrow, or the most economical.  We work with trusted names you’ve come to know and trust; OMC, Oxydry and Varn.
Wash-up Rolls:  Automatic blanket wash-up tolls (ABW) featuring the Fujifilm SBC DBC brand.

Wash-up Blades:  See our catalog for an extensive list of wash-up blades for your pressroom.  Don’t see the one you need?  No worries, FUJIFILM will work with its suppliers to get you what you need.

Cylinder Jackets: We carry Shinda Green Frog and other suppliers.

Shrink and Stretch Wraps:  Every printer uses shrink and stretch films but most don’t know they can one-stop-shop for these items through FUJIFILM.  Ask your local account manager or Fuji Consumable Specialist for more details.  We can also help you with shrink tunnel parts and equipment.

Bindery Supplies:  FUJIFILM offers a wide variety of binder supplies: cutting sticks, drills, drill blocks, stitching wire and more.  See our Signature Products Catalog for more information or consult with your local FUJIFILM Account Manager or Fujifim Consumable Specialist for more details.