Van Son Holland

Printing ink unmatched for its consistency

The printing industry has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Printing equipment is far more sophisticated. Paper has become accountable to economics and the environment. Computers have altered the graphic arts industry forever, making process printing more accessible and affordable for advertisers and manufacturers. Van Son recognized and addressed these trends early on by creating formulations specifically for the needs and requirements, of the mid-to-large size printer.

To many, Van Son was known for their duplicators inks. Fujifilm still sells these, but globally, Van son is known as a supplier of quality, high-speed lithographic inks and their sheetfed litho inks have proven to be a model of consistency and quality.

Fujifilm has worked with Van Son for decades and enjoys top-notch support from them. We also offer complete pressroom support through our Pressroom Technical Specialists who can help you set up your printing system using Van Son’s quality inks.

Ask your Fujifilm representative about Van Son’s Vs Zero, Vs Select, Vs1 XS, Vs 3XS, VS 360, Supreme Vs3 and Vs9. We also offer Van Son’s complete Quickson product line. Van Son’s Pantone blending bases and finished inks are second-to-none and their formula library is unquestionably accurate when used in one of the many Pantone ink dispensing systems offered by Fujifilm. And, yes, we still sell rubber based duplicator inks as well.

Van Son Holland

  • Standard Process
  • UV
  • Specialty Inks, Varnishes
  • PMS