Toyo Ink Brings Color to Life

Toyo Ink has evolved to deliver a comprehensive lineup of high quality and high value-added ink and related products to the global marketplace. Whether sheetfed or web, commercial, newspaper or carton, pressure sensitive labels to film printing, Fujifilm experts can help you resolve issues, improve productivity and deliver value to your customers.

Fujifilm and Toyo are global partners in every sense of the word and have worked together for decades to create some of the best graphic arts technologies ever. Here in the U.S., Fujifilm works with Toyo Ink America to supply our customers with Toyo’s entire ink lineup – inks of the utmost quality and value.

Supported by Toyo’s technical reps and Fujifilm’s Pressroom Technical specialist, we can set your pressroom up on one of many process ink sets: the VOC free HyPlus 100 NEX, the field proven HyPlus EC NEX, HyUnity and many, many more. UV to economical standard process inks – we offer them all.

Toyo’s Pantone bases and colors are the epitomy of consistency and strength. Driven by their Pantone formulary database, many of Fujifilm’s customers dispense their own Pantone inks in-house. Ask about Toyo’s varnishes as well .


  • Standard Process
  • UV
  • Specialty Inks, Varnishes
  • PMS