Fujifilm Signature Private Label

Qualilty you expect from Fujifilm

Often thought of as economical alternatives, Fujifilm’s private label blankets also offer the quality you’ve come to expect from Fujifilm. With products for coating, web, commercial offset, we can also offer the economy you expect and need in an ever more competitive market.

Fujifilm is one of the nation’s largest blanket distributors and our line-up of private label Signature products expand our offerings beyond the name brands. Specifically chosen for their quality, consistency and value; world-class plates and world class blankets - a winning combination.

Fujifilm Signature Private Label



  • Signature SRF: Dark blue compressible blanket designed for web or sheetfed application. Fine buffed surface provides excellent release. Available in 3 and 4-ply.
  • Signature Royal SRF: Slightly darker than Signature SRF but offers similar performance characteristics.
  • Signature SR: Aqua colored compressible blanket for high speed, heatset web presses. Medium buffed surface. Available in 3 and 4-ply.
  • Signature Coat: A blue gray strippable coating blanket available in 3 or 4-ply. Available in fabric or adhesive backed. Designed for hand or CAD cutting, the Signature Coat allows crisp, clean cuts with deep relief down to the unique strip zone.
  • Signature Web: A blue compressible blanket with quick release surface that is very resistant to edge cutting. Sink, solvent, smash and stretch resistance leads to long blanket life.
  • Signature Economy 40: Taking advantage of converting efficiencies, Fuji offers this superb printing alternative at an economical price. This blue compressible blanket was specifically engineered for the 40” high quality commercial offset market. Available in 4 ply only.
  • Signature Economy: The same great blanket as the Economy 40 but for non-40 inch presses which cannot be converted as efficiently. 4-ply only.


  • Crush Resistant Compressible Layer — consistent pressure control at the nip and quick response on high speed presses.
  • Advanced Print Surface — surface carries ink and transfers it to the substrate efficiently.
  • Precisely Ground and Engineered Buffed Surface — improved release compared to cast and SRF surfaces.
  • High Tech Engineered Carcass — components function in unison.
  • Low Compression Rubber Compounds


  • Maintains Gauge Over Time — repacking and retorqueing are reduced improving make ready and run efficiencies. Rebounds well.
  • Excellent Print Performance on Solids and High-end Screening — smooth solids and wonderful dot reproductsion – even with stochastic screening.
  • Medium Buffed Surface Offers Super Release and Durability — excellent release on press and long life.
  • Resists Stretching and Resists Compression — longer life and improved printing at gap.
  • Improved Thickness Control and Rebound