PlateRite Ultima 48000

The PlateRite Ultima 48000 series will enable printing companies to achieve the highest level of productivity possible from the newest generation of 80-page and 96-page commercial web offset presses.

With the PlateRite Ultima 48000, Screen brings to the graphics industry a unit capable of imaging significantly larger plates than CTP recorders previously available on the market. Users can take full advantage of the world's largest web presses.

This versatile system ensures precise imaging onto plate sizes up to 114.1" x 53.1", the equivalent of 96 A4-size pages. It also handles plates as small as 25.6" x 21.7" to satisfy diverse printing applications. A flexible range of imaging resolutions is offered: 1,200 dpi, 2,400 dpi, 2,438 dpi and 2,540 dpi.

The PlateRite Ultima 48000S outputs 13 full-size plates per hour at 2,400 dpi, while the high-speed PlateRite Ultima 48000SX produces 17 full-size plates per hour at 2,400 dpi.