PlateRite Ultima 36000

With offset presses on the market capable of handling plates larger than 72" wide, printing companies need a reliable, productive platesetter to supply these jumbo-size machines. The PlateRite Ultima 36000 is a multi-format platesetter that easily satisfies the plate requirements of high-output sheetfed and web presses within commercial, magazine, book and package printing environments.

This highly flexible CTP system handles plate sizes from 19.7" x 21.7" to 82.6" x 62.9" with remarkable speed and precision. Even full-size plates benefit from the renowned automatic plate handling found in all Screen CTP devices. Imaging resolutions from 1,200 dpi to 2,540 dpi are standard.

One feature common to PlateRite Ultima series platesetters is the ability to load 8-page and smaller plates two at a time. This effectively makes them the fastest 8-up platesetters in the world. For example, a full set of 8-up punched plates can be produced for a 12-unit press in just 10 minutes.

With VLF plates, inline punching is particularly important for press accuracy. Inline punching has been proven to save hundreds of hours a year on press. Screen is unique in offering inline punching as a standard feature on our VLF machines.

The PlateRite Ultima 36000S outputs 19 full-size plates per hour. With dual plate loading, the output rises to 36 plates per hour. The PlateRite Ultima 36000SX images 23 full-size plates per hour or 44 smaller plates per hour with dual plate loading.

The PlateRite Ultima 36000Z can image 29 full-size plates every hour. Twin exposure heads on the PlateRite 36000Z simultaneously image two smaller plates side by side, for a maximum hourly throughput of 58 plates.

The PlateRite Ultima 36000ZX images 33 full-size plates per hour. Imaging two smaller plates simultaneously, it outputs 68 plates per hour.