FUJIFILM J Press 750S Inkjet Press

Fujifilm's newest generation J Press 750S combines the industry leading technologies and features of its predecessors and incorporates leading new technologies along with a larger sheet size and faster print speed to deliver unprecedented productivity and drive results.

The J Press 750S is Fujifilm's 3rd generation of the industry’s leading production inkjet sheet-fed press. Featuring a new larger sheet size of 23” x 29.5” and an increased speed of 3,600 sheets per hour the J Press 750S doubles the output of letter size documents over the previous generations. Delivering a quality that is better than offset the J Press 750S is designed to take the very best of offset and the very best of digital and bring even more value by taking on more jobs and longer run lengths as a result of the increased level of productivity.

Unprecedented Quality With a native resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and four levels of grayscale the J Press delivers a quality output that is better than offset.

Color Consistency Second to None Whether throughout a run, or run to run today, tomorrow or next week, the J Press 750S reproduces color unlike any other platform in the industry. By incorporating Fujifilm's leading technologies, including Fujifilm Dimatix Samba printheads, the J Press matches, holds and reproduces color with virtually no shift without any Operator intervention or additional work.

Unmatched Productivity Built on an offset frame the J Press 750S is designed to lead the industry in uptime and reliability. Running at 3,600 sheets per hour and featuring a 23” x 29.5” sheet the J Press leads the industry in output and sheets emerge dry to move directly into post printing finishing operations.

Leading Flexibility Fujifilm applies an odorless and colorless rapid coagulating primer to each sheet, inline and in real time, creating an ink receptive surface allowing the J Press to run standard offset stock – both coated and uncoated. There is no need to use a premium priced sheet that is treated and there is no need to change the way stock is purchased.

The J Press can also be configured to run stocks up to 24 pt. board making the J Press 750S a leading production solution for short run folding carton work. Able to reproduce 90% of the Pantone library within a Delta E of 3 or less the J Press 750S is also able meet the needs of many discerning brand owners.

Unprecedented production efficiency The J Press 750S provides streamlined printing, with no plate production required and no need to run up to color; make ready times and the associated waste are a thing of the past.

Unprecedented Environmental Performance In addition to eliminating the need for many pressroom chemicals used on a typical offset press, J Press output has been tested by the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE) and is shown to outperform traditional offset sheets for deinking and recycleability. Not only does the primer used by the J Press play an integral part in how the ink lies onto each sheet but it also keeps the inks from fully absorbing into the fibers of the sheet. This makes for a much easier, and more thorough, deinking of the sheets to recycle.

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  • 3,600 23” x 29.5” sheets per hour
  • True offset quality
  • Runs standard coated and uncoated offset stock
  • Full variable data capability
  • Inline quality control
  • Unsurpassed color consistency
NATIVE 1,200 X 1,200

The latest SAMBA printheads deliver ultra-high density and advanced precision at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi native resolution while jetting ink in a single pass over a vacuum jetting cylinder for increased reliability.


Print personalized jobs and take advantage of collated printing to simplify and speed up finishing.


High performance water-based VIVIDIA inks, working with Fujifilm's integrated technologies, ensure superb consistency and repeatability.


Nozzle and ink inconsistencies are corrected in real time by the In Line Sensor (ILS) system.


The J Press 750S prints on standard coated and uncoated offset stocks, eliminating the need for specially treated stocks required to get the highest level of quality output. This saves a significant amount of money and removes any need to inventory additional stocks.


The J Press 750S enhanced color gamut allows you to reproduce more spot colors and more vibrant images with just four CMYK inks, without the need to add special inks or toners. Print up to 90% of the Pantone library with a Delta E of 3 or less.


Fujifilm's Brand Color Optimizer accurately predicts how closely a Pantone color will be printed before even printing. Decisions can be made up front, without any time wasted determining what colors are possible and not possible.


The optional Image Confidence scanning system will scan each sheet, in real time, assuring your entire run meets what you set as the target standard.


The J Press 750S offers media flexibility to run up to 24 pt. board stock offering opportunities to grow in the folding carton market. The printed output is compatible with various finishing solutions such as aqueous and UV coatings and lamination films as well as cutting, creasing and folding.


The J Press 750S introduces a new larger sheet size of 23" x 29.5" (585 mm x 750 mm) which expands the maximum printable area allowing for a "6-up" imposition of letter size images. The larger sheet size, along with the increased speed, doubles the hourly output of letter size images.


Fujifilm’s new Active Head Retraction system greatly reduces downtime caused by paper deformations. Additionally, new and enhanced head cleaning cycles add to improved available press time.

Printheads Fujifilm Dimatix SAMBA™ printheads
Printing Resolution Native 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 4 level grayscale
Productivity 3,600 sheets per hour (static and variable)
Workflow Fujifilm XMF
Variable Data Barcode read & pull, rated speed
Maximum Sheet Size 23" x 29.5" (585 mm x 750 mm)
Paper Thickness, Standard Single sided: 60 lb. text to 110 lb. cover (3 pt. to 14 pt.)*
Double sided: 80 lb. text to 110 lb. cover (6 pt. to 14 pt.)*
Paper Thickness, Heavy 8 pt. to 24 pt. board stock (.23 mm to .54 mm)*
Paper Type Standard offset stock, coated and uncoated*
Ink Fujifilm VIVIDIA aqueous based pigment (CMYK)
Primer Fujifilm RAPIC (Rapid Pigment Coagulation)
Wash Nozzle cleaner and Inkjet head cleaner
Carton Size 10 liter
Shelf Life 2 years from date of manufacture
Machine Size 24'1" (L) x 8'8" (W) x 6'8" (H) (7.35 m x 2.65 m x 2.05 m)
Installation Area 36' x 17' (10.8 m x 5.1 m)
Power Requirements 285A/200 – 230 VAC
* Paper thickness are guidelines and performance will vary and is dependent upon the mill, paper type, paper grain and paper stiffness among other possible factors. Fujifilm recommends complete testing of all media prior to use.