FUJIFILM J Press 720S Inkjet Press

The world of commercial printing is about to change. Radically, Disruptively. Big time. Enter Fujifilm's J Press 720S. The world's first sheetfed inkjet press.

The J Press 720S brings together Fujifilm’s knowledge, expertise, and R&D efforts to give printers the quality, versatility, productivity, and efficiency they demand.

Fujifilm’s J Press 720S establishes an entirely new product category: the high-quality, sheetfed inkjet press. The J Press 720S offers a half-size solution for print runs of just one or thousands, where traditional offset and digital printing are failing to perform, and provides a superior solution for the fastest-growing segment of the market where the majority of print jobs reside and where the opportunities will be in the future.

Fujifilm's J Press 720S is revolutionizing the graphic communications industry. With a 29.5"x 20.8" sheet and an output of 2,700 sheets per hour, it's the perfect solution for printers looking for a product that has the quality and robustness of an offset press as well as the versatility to handle even the shortest of press runs.

Unprecedented quality The J Press 720S produces bleed free high-quality images at resolutions of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi with four levels of grayscale, achieving unmatched repeatability from sheet to sheet.

Unprecedented productivity The device prints a 20" x 29" sheet in a single pass, resulting in production speeds of 2,700 sheets per hour, with printed sheets emerging dry to the touch. This moves the breakpoint for the cost effectiveness of inkjet printing further into the traditional litho area.

Unprecedented flexibility Fitting easily into a standard pressroom, the Fujifilm J Press 720S uses standard coated and uncoated stock instead of speciatlized digital paper. The standard stock, once imaged, can be treated like offset stock and simply dropped into existing finishing equipment.

Unprecedented production efficiency The J Press 720 provides streamlined printing, with no plate production required and no need to run up to color; makeready times and the associated waste are a thing of the past.

Unprecedented environmental performance Not only does the J Press 720S remove the need for a number of pressroom solutions used on a typical offset press, but we estimate that the carbon footprint of the J Press 720S - compared to an equivalent half-sized, sheetfed press - is significantly reduced.

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  • 2,700 half-size sheets per hour
  • True offset quality
  • Standard offset coated and uncoated
  • Virtually no makeready
  • Sheets emerge dry to the touch
  • Variable data
A breakthrough in inkjet technology

The J Press 720S uses FUJIFILM Dimatix’s SAMBA™ single pass piezo drop-on-demand inkjet head technology to achieve an impressive true 1,200dpi x 1,200dpi resolution with four-level grayscale, a specification unobtainable from any other inkjet press. The press' four-level gray scale capability boasts color and quality never previously seen from an inkjet device. An integrated controller incorporates an advanced color management system and color calibration capabilities that maximize color consistency without requiring excessive intervention or expertise from the press operator.

The J Press 720 prints at a speed of 2,700, 29.5”x20.8” sheets per hour, resulting in a product that offers offset quality and robustness plus the versatility to handle short press runs. The J Press 720S prints on coated and uncoated stocks, allowing for printing on standard offset-sized sheets, a key advancement over most inkjet and digital presses, which often require uncoated or pre-treated papers.

Revolutionary production capability

The Fujifilm Digital Inkjet J Press 720S has an incorporated infrared drying system, which means printed sheets emerge dry to the touch. The range of finishing options available is also much wider than with digital print technologies. Once imaged, sheets can be treated like an offset sheet, dropping into existing finishing equipment.

Quality is enhanced through Fujifilm’s unique anti-curling and rapid coagulation priming technologies, which deliver vibrant images and prevent paper curl and dot gain. Making use of the company's advanced chemical technology, Fujifilm has developed water-based, eco-friendly inks that enable the J Press to produce bleed free, high quality images. Additionally, there is no toner pile-up, resulting in an offset-like finish and quality. The water-based inks also mean the unit requires less cleaning and produces less waste. Outstanding quality is achieved sheet-after-sheet since the J Press 720S provides sustainable image quality with the use of a CCD sensor, which scans every sheet and makes any necessary alteration in real time.

Fujifilm's cross-media workflow solution, XMF, to drive the J Press 720S

Developed by Fujifilm, XMF was built from the ground up around JDF and the Adobe PDF Print Engine. Thanks to its use of common JDF and PDF technologies, Fujifilm Workflow XMF can be incorporated into existing workflows, enabling printers to maintain their existing processes.

Productivity 2,700 29.5” x 20.9” sheets per hour
Resolution 1,200 x 1,200 dpi with four-level grayscale capability
Paper size (min) 23.1” x 15”
Paper size (max) 29.5” x 20.9”
Printable area 28.3” x 20.5”
Paper type A wide variety of standard coated and uncoated stocks
Paper weight 60 lb. text – 14 pt.
Input paper capacity (max) 31.5” in height
Output paper capacity (max) 23.6” in height
Variable data support Yes
Press Dimensions 8.8’ (D) x 23.9’ (L) x 6.6’ (H)
*The specifications are provisional and are subject to change without notice

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