X Series


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Feature 2The X-A2 effortlessly delivers X Series color and image quality

The unique film simulation mode "CLASSIC CHROME" complements outstanding photographic image quality

The "CLASSIC CHROME" mode, with deeper colors and rich tones, has been added to the Film Simulation feature to give you more choices with diverse color reproduction and tonal expression.


The expanded range of modes now includes CLASSIC CHROME, which was developed to meet the demands of Fujifilm X-Photographers worldwide.






Advanced Filters for artistic photography made fun and simple.

The "Toy Camera" filter creates shaded borders as if you were taking a photo on a toy camera. "Pop Color" emphasizes contrast and color saturation. Featuring a choice of 8 artistic effects, Advanced Filters make it easy to transform your photo into a work of art. Before you press the shutter, you can preview the effect on the LCD monitor.

Toy Camera

Create shaded borders as if you were taking a photo on a toy camera.


Adds top and bottom blur for a diorama or miniature effect.

High Key

Enhance brightness and reduce contrast to lighten tonal reproduction.

Low Key

Create uniformly dark tones with few areas of emphasized highlights.

Dynamic Tone

Create a fantasy effect with dynamically-modulated tonal reproduction.

Soft Focus

Create a look that is evenly soft throughout the whole image.

Pop Color

Use this filter to emphasize contrast and color saturation.

Partial Color (Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Purple)

Retain one selected original color and change the rest of the photo to black and white.

Get creative with multiple exposures

Shoot one photo then seamlessly merge it with another via the Multiple Exposure mode for an expressive and artistic look. Composing the second frame is made easier by displaying the first image on the screen.

[Left]1st shot [center]At the time of the 2st shot [right]Photographing result
  • 1st shot
  • 2nd shot
  • Multiple Exposure result

16MP APS-C CMOS sensor

  • APS-C Image Sensor
    23.6 x 15.6mm
  • Micro Four Thirds
    17 x 13mm
  • 1-inch
    13.2 x 8.8mm

The FUJIFILM X-A2's large APS-C CMOS sensor gives you rich tonal expression, increased dynamic range, support for a maximum ISO of 25,600, and the ability to create a beautiful "bokeh" — the aesthetic out-of-focus effect achieved when shooting with a shallow depth of field.

High Sensitivity performance for noise-free and shake-free photos, even in low light.

The high sensitivity performance of the APS-C CMOS sensor and EXR PROCESSOR II let you capture low-light scenes with crisp clarity free from noise. Turn up the sensitivity and capture dynamic scenes with confidence, even in dark conditions. You can shoot without a tripod and without worrying about camera shake ruining your images.

  • Exceptionally low noise even at high sensitivity.

Some colors can only be expressed by Fujifilm.

Color just as your eye sees it. True-to-scene color that’s somehow more real, more beautiful, and more alive. Fujifilm's 80-year pursuit of the ultimate color reproduction as a photo film manufacturer ensures that you capture moments with vibrant color fidelity.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.