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Feature 7Exceptional Movies in Full HD

The Fujifilm X20 lets you shoot Full HD movies at 60fps for incredibly realistic videos you can play back on your full screen TV. Film simulation modes add extra artistry to your movies.

Enjoy the exceptional definition of Full HD Movie Shooting!

Full HD Movie (1920 x 1080) mode features 60fps for smoother capture of the action in full high definition. Shooting movies at the high bit-rate of 36Mbps results in enhanced image quality and clarity that reveals every detail from individual leaves in the trees to subtle changes in facial expression. Take advantage of Monochrome or the vivid colour expression of other Film Simulation modes and exploit the brightness of the lens to shoot movies with a dreamy “bokeh” effect. The new movie scene recognition function can automatically recognize 6 scene types and optimize settings for beautiful results under a variety of shooting conditions.

Make Cinema Magic with FULL HD Movie and Film Simulation


True-to-life natural tonality and colour reproduction.


Shoot Full HD Movies in the vibrant colours of Velvia.


Capture the action in richly expressive monochrome tones.

Hybrid AF keeps you focused on your movie

Automatically switching between phase detection AF and contrast AF depending on the scene, Hybrid AF also demonstrates high-speed and high precision autofocusing performance in movie shooting. In addition to AF-S (single) and AF-C (continuous), you can also select Manual for hands-on focus control of the scene and subject.

USB Multi-connector port

Connect the external stereo microphone (sold separately) to the FUJIFILM X20's new USB Multi-connector port using the adapter included with the microphone and record audio quality to match the visual beauty of your HD movies.

Mic Level Adjustment

Adjust the microphone volume level (4 settings) as you monitor the level meter to record audio free from either loss or distortion.

White Balance Setting

Kelvin temperature setting is available for detailed correction to match the colour temperature of the shooting location. Fine tune white balance to capture natural skin colour or to express your creative intent.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.