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Feature 4Design and Style that Follow Function

With its attractive retro styling, precision milled dials and made-in-Japan quality, the FUJIFILM X20 satisfies the designer and the photographer in you.

Luxury Design

Every look deepens your attachment to this camera. Every touch excites your curiosity about its potential. The design and choice of materials are meant to anticipate your heart's every desire and enhance your enjoyment of photography. With the FUJIFILM X20 as your companion every moment of every day, the adventure goes on.

Black and Silver colours

The FUJIFILM X20 is available in a cool retro two-tone silver and black and also in a more traditional all black.

Advanced performance in a compact body.

High optical zoom performance and the freedom to enjoy it any time, anywhere — this is the essence of FUJIFILM X20 photography! Less than half the depth of conventional mirrorless cameras, the compact FUJIFILM X20 body is a slim 56.8mm including the retracted lens. Designed to be your constant companion, this lightweight, compact camera easily slips into your bag or pocket.

Lightweight, strong die-cast magnesium body

Made from strong, yet lightweight, die-cast magnesium, the FUJIFILM X20's top and base are not only essential components, but also create an air of solid authority and enhance the feel of the product and your pride of ownership.

Precision-milled metal zoom ring and dials

Milled from solid metal to exacting measurements, the zoom ring, mode dial and exposure compensation dial provide visible and tactile confirmation of the quality of the FUJIFILM X20 experience. The superb grip of the knurled dial finish, the sensation of just the right torque when you twist them and the satisfying “click” at each aperture step add up to smooth operation without needing to move your eye from the viewfinder.

Leather-like Finish Delivers Quality and Durability

Compared with real leather, synthetic leather is the practical choice that promises resistance to the elements and higher durability.

Variable Shutter Sounds

You can choose from 4 shutter sounds: “Mirror Up”, “Focal Plane”, “Lens Shutter” or “Silent”.

Metal Lens Cap

Coordinating with the texture of FUJIFILM X20's metal body, the aluminum lens cap looks the part and fits snugly thanks to its fabric liner attached to its step-machined inner surface.

“Made in Japan” Premium Quality

Each and every part of this camera is the product of high precision engineering and the highest quality standards.

Clean Look Graphic User Interface

As you adjust the zoom ring or turn the command dial, the FUJIFILM X20's graphic interface display changes the focal distance, aperture value and shutter speed in real time. The minimized number of icons and other indicators in the display lets you see all the information you need without distractions, so you can concentrate on the shot.

Q (Quick Menu) Button

Press the Q (Quick Menu) button and you can skip directly to a list display of ISO sensitivity setting, White Balance, Film Simulation and other frequently used shooting settings. Select the menu item with the selector button and then use the main or sub command dial to swiftly change settings while shooting.

Optional Accessories

“Quick Shot” Leather Case LC-X20 (sold separately)

Its shape is defined by the camera. Its colour and texture are simply perfect. With its easy-opening design, the LC-X20 case makes photography a pleasure.

External TTL Flash EF-42 / EF-20 / EF-X20 (sold separately)

There are three types of external flash available for the FUJIFILM X20. With Fujifilm's original high-precision TTL flash technology, you will be in complete control of your flash output.

Metal Lens Hood (with Adapter Ring) (sold separately)

Both the lens hood and adapter ring are precision machined from metal and can be separated. Attached directly to the front of the lens, the hood has a slit to avoid blocking the viewfinder view. You can also use the adapter ring to attach commercially available 52mm filters.

Lens Hood, Hood Cap and Special Protector Filter (3 piece set, available in silver or black)

This accessory set consists of a lens hood with a slit to avoid blocking the viewfinder view, a hood cap and a protector filter specially treated with a multi-layer Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating) for improved resistance to ghosting and lens flare. Available in silver or black, you can select the set that matches the colour and design of your FUJIFILM X20.

External stereo microphone (sold separately)

Connect the external stereo microphone (sold separately) to the FUJIFILM X20's new USB Multi-connector port using the adapter included with the microphone and record audio quality to match the visual beauty of your HD movies. Adjust the microphone volume level (4 settings) while watching the level meter for optimum audio recording to prevent either loss or distortion.

High Contrast LCD Monitor

The X20 features bright, high contrast, 2.8-inch 460K-dot LCD monitor which lets you comfortably compose and preview your shots. With its ultra-wide viewing angle, you can hold the camera high or low to frame your shot, and later let everyone gather around to enjoy the results.

Check all your shooting settings at a glance on the LCD.

Exposure, shutter speed, histogram and other shooting data are all displayed on the LCD. At a glance, you can ensure that you capture the image you are after.

Aspect Ratio

FUJIFILM X20 offers a choice of 4:3, 16:9, 3:2 and 1:1 aspect ratios.

Histogram Display

Before shooting, the built-in histogram display provides an at-a-glance confirmation of brightness levels. Together with the exposure compensation dial on the top control deck, this tool makes it simple to confirm you have the right exposure setting, and take great photos.

Electronic horizon leveling gauge

When composing a shot on the generous LCD, the built-in electronic level display makes it easy to align the image with the true horizon.

Playback Functions

After shooting, take advantage of the wide array of handy playback functions including Shooting Data display to review which settings were used when the image was taken, Focus Point Zoom for zooming in to check focal precision and picture quality, and “Red Eye Removal” for automatic detection and correction of any red-eye effect in portraits, in-camera, after the shot is taken. Also in the Micro Thumbnail View, you can display up to 100 thumbnail images on screen at once.

Framing Guideline

The “Framing Guideline" option of the shooting menu offers a choice of Grid 9, Grid 24, and HD Framing. The grid options are a very effective aid to composition when, for example, framing photographs with the subjects arranged along a diagonal.

Swift Menu Page Selection and Scroll-free Navigation Within Each Page

In the Shooting and Playback menus, functions are organized into tabbed single-page screens for fast selection and setting. Just select a tab and find the item in the displayed list without scrolling.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.

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