FUJIFILM Dimatix' Schoeppler Takes Top Honors for Talk on Inkjet Progress from Scanning to Single-Pass

Presentation at IMI Europe conference voted by attendees as the event's best.



Keying on the evolution of piezoelectric drop-on-demand (Piezo DOD) inkjet printhead technology from low-density scanning architectures to single-pass printing, a presentation made by FUJIFILM Dimatix CEO and President Martin Schoeppler was selected for top honors by attendees of the Information Management Institute's (IMI) Europe 17th Annual Ink Jet Conference held November 4-6, 2009 in Barcelona.

His presentation, titled "The Paradigm Shift To Single Pass," can be downloaded at

www.imieurope.com free of charge.

Piezo DOD inkjet is an extremely versatile digital printing technology that knows few boundaries and can be used in a broad range of applications from basic coding to graphic communications on a grand scale, and for printed electronics manufacturing, photovoltaics and assaying biological substances at the molecular level. "This broad capability also poses a unique set of challenges - such as for new manufacturing methods and materials required to deposit a diverse and growing range of fluids and inks with increasing precision and speed," Mr. Schoeppler remarks. "I am pleased to have had the opportunity to present this information, and honored that the audience found it so valuable."

In the presentation, Mr. Schoeppler highlights FUJIFILM Dimatix' 25 years of innovation and excellence in inkjet printheads design and manufacturing to take his audience on a guided tour of the increasingly sophisticated printhead architectures, fabrication methods, jetting technologies and market forces that have led to new generations of Piezo DOD inkjet printhead products aimed at an expanding spectrum of applications.

He also explores FUJIFILM Dimatix' expertise in three areas pivotal in paving the way to single-pass implementations - advanced jet design and modeling; silicon MEMS and machined carbon fabrication; and its VersaDropTM jetting technology.

FUJIFILM's implementation of these and many other advanced technologies applies to many of its products, including the PerformaTM Sapphire printheads and ScanPAQ Head Array for high-performance graphics, the InspiraTM series for specialty printing applications and EnduraTM series for materials deposition. Its new-generation SAMBATM inkjet technology - a single-pass implementation being developed jointly by FUJIFILM Dimatix and FUJIFILM Corporation - is a "printhead on a MEMS chip" that packs 2048 jets per module at 1200 dot-per-inch spacing, and is capable of pulsing fluids higher than 100,000 cycles/second (100 kHz) - the highest jetting frequencies yet developed.

The IMI Europe conference is one in the IMI series covering ink jet, thermal, laser, high speed digital printing, textile, industrial and other forms of digital printing that draw more than 2,000 professionals to various events in the United States and Europe annually. Designed to give participants a thorough assessment of technology and market development trends that will determine inkjet's role in the overall printing marketplace, the formal and informal sessions provide a unique, interactive environment for leading hardware, consumables, components, system integrator and user company representatives to network and to develop an improved understanding of the forces shaping the evolving digital printing industry.

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