FUJIFILM Dimatix Approves Rex-Tone’s Aqua Tint “V” Inks for Use with Spectra Printheads


FUJIFILM Dimatix is pleased to announce that Rex-Tone Industries Ltd. has achieved Approved Ink status for its new solvent-based Aqua Tint “V” ink, acknowledging this Rex-Tone product will achieve high-quality results when used with FUJIFILM Dimatix Spectra® brand S-Class, Nova, Galaxy and Skywalker printheads.

The achievement signifies Rex-Tone has completed a rigorous ink approval process as a participant in the FUJIFILM Dimatix Ink Partnership program. This process ensures that the specific ink capabilities and formulations of the Aqua Tint “V” product, recommended for use with Spectra brand printheads, consistently will meet the company’s high standards of performance and reliability. Reflecting the achievement, Aqua Tint “V” ink packaging will feature a special “Spectra® Approved Ink” emblem supplied by FUJIFILM Dimatix.

As India’s first digital ink manufacturer, Mumbai-based Rex-Tone Industries has over the past 40 years built a strong reputation by producing consistently high quality, reliable ink products manufactured under strict quality parameters. The company has one of the most sophisticated research and development laboratories in India and is the country’s highest selling brand.

“We are extremely pleased to award Rex-Tone Approved Ink status for the Aqua Tint “V” ink formulation,” commented James Gill, FUJIFILM Dimatix Emerging Markets Director. “This designation assures that Aqua Tint “V” ink meets the stringent FUJIFILM Dimatix Ink Partnership program requirements for quality, uniformity and batch-to-batch stability demanded by Spectra brand high-performance printheads.”

Saurabh Goswamy, Director of Marketing for Aqua Tint inks stated, “Participating with FUJIFILM Dimatix in their Ink Partnership program has proven a valuable and productive experience for us. Achieving Approved Ink status for the new solvent-based Aqua Tint “V” ink gives us an important advantage in addressing the growing demand seen in India and other economies for productive and reliable printers, which increasingly feature Spectra-brand printheads and require inks of high-quality.”

About the FUJIFILM Dimatix Ink Partnership Program

Under the Ink Partnership program, FUJIFILM Dimatix requires rigorous and extensive testing of inks in the lab and in the field to ensure optimal printing performance and maximum printhead life. Approved Inks meet a comprehensive suite of test requirements defined by FUJIFILM Dimatix. These include material set compatibility and sustainability testing to make certain that inks do not damage printheads and perform well when used and maintained in the prescribed manner.

Ink Partners work in close collaboration with FUJIFILM Dimatix to develop solutions and provide customer-focused problem solving. Strict program criteria ensure that Ink Partners are not only technically competent, but also employ excellent analytical capabilities and tools, proven manufacturing capabilities and formal quality control systems. In addition, Ink Partners are subject to ongoing review and audit by FUJIFILM Dimatix.

About FUJIFILM Dimatix

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