YV Series Designed for CS Mounts, 1/3-Inch Camera Format; Ideal for Security Applications


YV Series

YV Series

WAYNE, NJ, January 29, 2009 – At the ISC West convention this April in Las Vegas, Fujinon (Booth 8141) will introduce the industry's widest three megapixel vari-focal lens. Designed for security applications, the YV2.7X2.2SA Series lenses offer a horizontal field of view of 120 degrees. The new lenses are ideal for use with megapixel cameras, enabling operators to capture wider fields of view. Previously, fixed focal lenses or lower resolution-rated vari-focal lenses were required to capture horizontal views greater than 100 degrees.

With the release of the YV2.7X2.2SA, customers can enjoy the flexibility of a vari-focal lens without compromising on width or megapixel resolution clarity. The lens incorporates Fujinon’s proprietary "AT" Aspheric Technology, developed by the company's broadcast television division, to improve optical performance while reducing overall size and weight.

Blanco said that zooming typically presents challenges in 3D production. Lenses that are to be used in tandem for 3D productions must share the same focal length – and during shooting, they must also match zoom and focus position. "The closer the lenses are to each other in their zooming, the fewer corrections you have to make," explained Blanco. "The fewer corrections you have to make, the less time you have to spend setting that up."

Locking screws for zoom and focus and rugged metal mounts are standard features on all Fujinon vari-focal lenses. The YV2.7X2.2SA Series lens is available with a manual iris model YV2.7X2.2SA-2 and as auto iris DC –Type models VY2.7X2.2SA-SA2 and VY2.7X2.2SA-SA2L. The VY2.7X2.2SA-SA2L has a longer 230mm iris cable for cameras with cable connections in the back of the camera.

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