Flexible U-arm system features advanced technology for increased dose efficiency


Chicago, IL - November 30, 2008 - FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, is pleased to introduce the Unity-fp SpeedSuite®. This new DR system utilizes an innovative detector technology to improve image quality while decreasing dose. It also offers all the same flexibility and productivity-enabling features of its predecessor, Fujifilm’s Unity SpeedSuite single detector system.

The new Unity-fp SpeedSuite was designed with a Cesium Bromide (CsBr) detector that increases x-ray absorption and reduces scatter radiation. With 25 - 27 percent higher DQE (detective quantum efficiency) than competitive Gadolinium oxysulfide (GOS) or CCD technologies, the system produces clearer images with less noise and the potential for dose reduction. And with 100 micron spatial resolution, the Unity-fp SpeedSuite’s ability to display fine details is far superior to available competitive systems, further assuring that end users benefit from Fujifilm’s renowned image quality.

“It seems fitting that this DR system is making its world debut at RSNA 2008,” says Tom Briggs, Marketing Manager, Digital X-ray, FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA. “With Fujifilm’s history of unparalleled image quality, the Unity-fp SpeedSuite is the perfect addition to our extensive product line-up. Technologists and clinicians will surely be impressed by the powerful combination of the flexibility and ease-of-use with this single detector system, along with its ability to produce consistent, highest quality images.”

Like its predecessor the Unity SpeedSuite, the Unity-fp SpeedSuite is also user-friendly. Fully motorized, the system accommodates a variety of upright and table exams, and with single-button auto positioning and technique settings, exam set-up is quick and easy every time. Unity-fp SpeedSuite also comes with SpeedLink X-ray Control Software®, an intelligent interface between the Flash IIP technologist’s workstation and the x-ray generator. By automatically setting exposure settings for each exam according to Fujifilm’s proven anatomical parameters, SpeedLink eliminates workflow steps and saves time.

Fujifilm’s intuitive Flash IIP additionally offers easy three-step processing and a common interface for Fuji CR and DR users. Images display in just two seconds, with a fully processed image displayed in 7-9 seconds. The small foot print of the sleek U-arm design makes the system an optimal choice when exam room space is limited.

The Unity-fp SpeedSuiteTM digital x-ray system is also sold under the name FDR VELOCITY Unity-fp in other parts of the world, and is currently available for sale in countries outside the U.S. The system is not currently available for sale in the U.S.