Builds on 3rd party integration capabilities to improve information access


Chicago, IL - November 29, 2009 - Expanding on its ability to provide cardiovascular customers with increased access to clinical data, FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc. has released Synapse™ cardiovascular® 4.0.4. This latest cardiovascular software version from Fujifilm is being publicly demonstrated for the first time at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting. Fujifilm designed this version to allow customers to access a variety of additional third party applications from one single workstation, with just one sign-on and one click. Synapse cardiovascular 4.0.4 includes several new clinical system integrations as well as cardiac catheterization registry support for clinical and outcomes reporting.

“Providing the best possible care is dependant upon information access, so our goal in the cardiovascular market has been – and continues to be – unifying the many disparate systems that still exist and eliminating the need to retrieve data from multiple physical locations,” said Bob Cooke, Fujifilm’s Vice President and General Manager, Medical Informatics. “By leveraging our unique strength as a true vendor- and hardware -neutral software provider, we can give customers one-click access to the information they need as we take one step closer to delivering a true common cardiovascular database,” continued Cooke.

Healthcare facilities will benefit from diagnostic and workflow efficiency improvements through immediate access – with a single sign-on – to four additional clinical systems directly from the Synapse cardiovascular 4.0.4 application, instead of from multiple, proprietary workstations.

Medis QAngio XA – Integration with QAngio XA version 7.1 allows users to launch the application from Synapse cardiovascular while reviewing cardiac catheterization studies. All discrete measurement data and images from the automated analysis of the left ventricle and coronary arteries are automatically imported into the Synapse cardiovascular database and clinical report.

GE Healthcare’s MUSE® Cardiology Information System – The interface with GE MUSE facilitates the display of ECG reports stored in MUSE in the Synapse cardiovascular patient and study search lists, allowing a seamless launch of GE’s MUSE and rapid access to ECG records while reviewing a patient’s cardiovascular exams.

GE Healthcare’s EchoPAC Reporting Solution - Fujifilm is taking advantage of standard functionality available on EchoPAC to import and store final reports created on the EchoPAC stand-alone workstation, along with the images already sent to the Synapse cardiovascular database, offering customers the flexibility of keeping an existing system without sacrificing the benefits of a common repository for all cardiovascular exams.

Vital Images, Inc. – By simply double clicking on a Launch 3D Application button in the study list, the Vital application is launched so the user can perform advanced 2D, 3D and 4D analysis of images directly from Synapse cardiovascular.

Synapse cardiovascular 4.0.4 also facilitates data collection for submission to all domestic reporting databases for mandated outcomes reporting. Synapse cardiovascular provides a single interface to hemodynamic monitoring systems for population of the clinical report and applicable registry modules. Through a partnership with Cedaron Medical Inc., customers can readily capture data for outcomes reporting for diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization and surgical procedures for submission to national databases; including the American College of Cardiology National Cardiovascular Data Registry (ACC-NCDR), the Society of Thoracic Surgery (STS) Adult Cardiac Surgery, and several state databases.

Extending its lines of vendor neutrality, Fujifilm will continue to support all of its third party integrations, past - such as Epiphany Cardiography, Pie Medical CAAS, Invia Medical Imaging Corridor 4DM and Philips Ultrasound QLAB – present with version 4.0.4., and future products.

“Every healthcare facility is unique and so is their choice of software systems, so our goal at Fujifilm is to ensure that our cardiovascular system works seamlessly with as many other cardiovascular products as possible,” explained Cooke. “We support the customer’s ability to choose the solutions that are most effective for their needs and delivery of care, and will continue our mission to integrate the cardiovascular domain.”

About FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc.
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