FDR AcSelerate™ Differentiates Itself with Superior Image Quality and Opportunity for Dose Reduction


Chicago, IL - November 29, 2009 - At the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2009 Annual Meeting, leading the DR product line-up for FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc. is the FDR AcSelerate*, an innovative digital table and upright system using direct flat panel detector technology. Designed with advanced amorphous selenium technology, the FDR AcSelerate provides clinicians with outstanding image quality and the opportunity to reduce dose. Fully automated with quick image preview and cycle times, the system also improves productivity and enables increased patient throughput to address the busiest environments.

Already experiencing first hand the benefits of the FDR AcSelerate is Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH), Chicago, IL, a comprehensive healthcare facility providing health and wellness services to the communities of Chicago's North and Northwest sides. SCH is working to evaluate the system clinically.

“When we heard of the performance capabilities of the FDR AcSelerate, we were eager to add the product to our imaging department,” Bradley Carlton , Director of Radiology at Swedish Covenant. “Fujifilm’s FDR AcSelerate truly raises the bar on image quality, delivering outstanding sharpness and contrast resolution while using the lowest possible dose. With its ease-of-use and quick image cycle times, we’re also looking forward to the potential to increase the volume of patients we’re able to image,” continued Carlton.

The FDR AcSelerate uses its own direct flat panel detector with superior physical properties that produce DQE (detective quantum efficiency) that is 20 percent better and MTF (modular transfer function) which is roughly twice that of indirect flat panel detectors on the market. ** The result are images with outstanding clarity and sharpness, raising the bar in image quality among general radiography DR systems currently on the market. Additionally, the FDR AcSelerate offers a Dose Area Product meter that allows physicians to monitor patient dose per each exam, something important for all patients and especially key for pediatric exams.

“Fujifilm’s goal has always been to continually provide our customers with new and improved technologies that enhance image quality, improve workflow and decrease patient wait times,” explained Penny Maier, Director of Marketing, Imaging Systems, for Fujifilm Medical Systems. “The FDR AcSelerate is the result of our ongoing efforts to innovate and expand our DR product offering so that we can provide our customers with the tools and features they need to achieve their patient care and productivity goals.”

Fully automated, the FDR AcSelerate can be positioned for most any radiology exam with the touch of a button. It provides image preview in two seconds*** with cycle times of only 4 seconds, improving workflow for technologists and reducing patient wait times. The system’s new FDX Console workstation offers all the same productivity-enhancing features as Fujifilm’s Flash IIP workstation, but is now configured for the AcSelerate, alerting technologists when table or upright exams are ready to expose.

For more information about the FDR AcSelerate, visit Fujifilm at RSNA booth #6238 in the South Hall.

About FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc.
FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc. is one of the FUJIFILM Corporation family of companies with 70 years of imaging experience and more than $28 billion in sales. Its extensive portfolio includes diagnostic imaging products and informatics solutions to meet the needs of healthcare facilities in both outpatient and hospital settings. Fujifilm's leading line of Imaging Systems products includes digital x-ray systems, medical imagers, and conventional x-ray film. The pioneer of digital x-ray, Fujifilm o ffers renowned image quality in a wide array of CR and DR products including single and multi-plate CR, digital portable systems, dual detector room replacements and flexible single detector U-arm systems- tailored for a variety of imaging environments. FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA is headquartered in Stamford, CT.

* The FDR AcSelerate requires FDA clearance and is not available for sale in the U.S.

** The FDR AcSelerate has DQE that is 20 percent better and MTF which is roughly twice that of indirect flat panel detectors on the market according a study performed by Nippon Medical School.

***Chest exams