Fujinon Lenses Paired with Sony HDC-F950 and HDC-1500 Cameras During Shoot


WAYNE, N.J., January 5, 2010 – Writer, Director and Producer James Cameron, and Vince Pace, Director of Photography and co-inventor of the Fusion 3D camera system, and founder of PACE, a leading innovator in digital motion picture camera systems, chose Fujinon lenses for production of the ground breaking 3D epic feature Avatar, released December 18th. Lenses used on the production included the Fujinon HA16x6.3BE (6.3-101mm) and a special design HA5x7B-W50 (7-35mm) model specially developed for Pace/Cameron 3D production.

“The road to success in 3D is paved as a team effort,” said Pace. “Working with James Cameron, the goal for the FUSION camera system was significant. Early on in the development phase, Fujinon stepped up with their sales staff, engineering resources, and factory support to design lens suitable for our exacting standards in 3D. That relationship has developed over the last ten years and the results are on the screen with the release of Avatar. All of the cameras were paired with Fujinon lenses and the results were incredible.

“We’re very committed to the 3D revolution at Pace Technologies – and our system is called Fusion 3D,” Pace continued. “We worked with Fujinon to meet the exacting requirements of stereographic capture. Sony HDC-F950 cameras were used primarily during the Avatar shoot, and Sony HDC-1500 cameras were used for some scenes when it became available. All the Sony cameras were paired with Fujinon lenses.”

Based in Burbank, Calif., PACE is well known for their leading role in high-end 3D production. Pace Fusion 3D systems have been used for several successful box office 3D feature films, including Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Avatar. PACE is also well known for their beginnings. From a start point of nearly twenty years ago, Pace has designed and produced sophisticated underwater motion picture camera enclosure systems and complex underwater lighting systems, built for big feature productions that include Cameron’s The Abyss and Titanic. Vince and James have a long history of developing innovative production equipment, and their latest efforts leading up to and including Avatar have greatly changed 3D production efficiency and creativity. Fujinon lenses have been a key component in the innovative development process.

According to Pace, Cameron’s shooting style on Avatar was intimate. “He doesn’t hesitate to go handheld,” Pace explained. “He likes scenes being in a state of movement, and he doesn’t hesitate to get behind the camera’s eyepiece, operating where he’s right up there with the actors. Being able to match that style in 3D using the Fujinon lenses was an important factor in the Avatar effort.”


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