Fujifilm's Digital X-Ray Enables Instant Diagnoses, Allowing Uninjured Athletes to Safely Return to the Field


Stamford, CT – November 24, 2009 – Imaging technology has long been essential in determining the nature of a professional football player’s injury, but with the increasing prevalence of digital x-ray technology, it’s now used just as much to discern whether an athlete is able to safely remain in the game. With a digital x-ray system from FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA recently purchased by the Denver Broncos and installed at Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium, those critical player injury calls can be made within minutes of a questionable incident.

The Broncos are using Fujifilm’s FCR XC-2 digital x-ray system which provides medical staff and athletic trainers with a wide range of customized anatomical menus to address the unique imaging needs of National Football League (NFL) players. Exams can be completed swiftly and with extraordinary image quality for diagnostic certainty. The digital system eliminates the need to print x-ray films so players can be diagnosed more quickly.

“The rapid results, together with the clarity of the image and the ability to zoom in and manipulate a specific area of interest, enhance our diagnostic capabilities tremendously,” said Eric Finnegan, managing partner of Mountain X-ray, which provides imaging services to the Broncos. “Many times a single view will tell them what we need to know, eliminating multiple x-rays that, were often necessary with film, due to the size of the players. This not only cuts down on radiation dose, but in many cases also means less time off the field.”

As with the Broncos, players on visiting teams also have access to the digital x-ray technology not only when an injury is suspected during play, but before and after games as well. In each team locker room are several computer monitor workstations where the images are sent and viewed. According to Finnegan it’s not just the athletic trainers and medical staff, but even the players who are impressed by the new technology. “They also come over to the screen to look at the x-ray image,” he explained. “It’s the ‘WOW factor’ of being able to see it all right then and there.”

On average, about seven or eight players may require x-rays during any given game. The arms, legs, hands and feet are most commonly imaged, followed by shoulders, necks and ribs. In addition to game-day injury x-ray needs, scans are also commonly done to ensure that any pins, plates or brackets from previous injuries and surgical treatment are properly in place. If so, the player can safely and confidently start the game or return to the field mid-game.

The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys have also upgraded their imaging capabilities at the brand new Cowboys Stadium from analog film to a digital x-ray system from Fujifilm. The FCR XL-2 is able to produce high resolution (50 micron) scans, making it ideal for orthopedic and extremity applications where seeing fine detail is critical. The systems used by both NFL teams feature Fujifilm’s multi-objective frequency processing (MFP) which improves the visibility of both dense and peripheral tissue by simultaneously applying varying degrees of contrast and spatial frequency enhancement to different-sized structures within the same image.

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