Interactive, Online Trade Shows Offer Professional, Commercial, and Consumer Attendees Access to Fujifilm Booth and Show Specials from the Comfort of Home or Office


Valhalla, NY, May 21, 2009 – FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. today announced its participation in PDN Photographers’ Virtual Trade Shows, co-sponsored by B&H Photo and Electronics. The first virtual trade show will take place on May 21, and will be of special interest to professional photographers, and on June 11 the second trade show will appeal to a consumer audience. By visiting Fujifilm’s virtual booth, show attendees will be able to communicate with Fujifilm staff members through online chat rooms from the comfort of their own home or office computers.

“This is a new and exciting opportunity for Fujifilm that we believe will help us connect ’attendees’ to our various new products as well as extend some show specials,” said Kayce Baker, director of trade marketing, Imaging Division, FUJIFILM U.S.A, Inc. “Our virtual exhibit will highlight an extensive selection of professional and commercial innovations that we look forward to discussing with show participants. It will be our goal to help our customers identify new Fujifilm solutions right from the convenience of their computers.”

During each show date, Fujifilm will offer one-day-only show specials on various film, paper, digital output solutions, and digital cameras exclusively available to show attendees. Specials can be redeemed directly from the show site through B&H Photo’s interactive online shopping cart, or by contacting a Fujifilm sales representative online during the trade show.

"We're excited to be participating in this kind of a trade show," said David Troy, marketing manager, Electronic Imaging Division, Fujifilm U.S.A., Inc. "It gives us a chance to further extend our reach to camera enthusiasts."

Professional Output and Capture Solutions
Professional and Commercial Printers
A key player in Fujifilm’s Frontier Solutions, the Frontier DL410 Minilab will be featured during the PDN Virtual Trade Show. With a scalability to fit varying traffic and volume needs, the Fujifilm Frontier DL410 can be introduced on its own or easily added to an existing commercial lab environment. This solution delivers Frontier-quality prints with a combination of Fujifilm's high quality inkjet photo paper, inks and Fujifilm's Image Intelligence™ software technology. Fujifilm workflow applications such as Frontier Workflow Management Software "MS" software enhances and simplifies the lab operator experience – increasing the opportunity for commercial business growth.

Two dye-sublimation printers will also be presented at Fujifilm’s virtual booth, the ASK 2000 and ASK 4000. These professional grade printers provide lab quality prints, anytime, anywhere, with Fujifilm Image Intelligence™ technology, a small footprint, high print speed, and various print sizes ranging from 3.5”x5” to 8”x10”.

Also in the spotlight will be the Epson/Fujifilm Stylus Pro 7880 wide format inkjet printer. This wide format solution is ideal for the pro or commercial studio looking to expand their product offerings to include large prints and posters, for example. Its small footprint and compatibility with Fujifilm’s “MS” software makes it ideal for the commercial studio.

Professional and Commercial Lab Paper Solutions
Fujifilm’s renowned line of Crystal Archive Photo Papers will also be on display at the PDN Virtual Trade Show. Fit for a variety of professional and commercial applications, Fujifilm Crystal Archive Paper offers vivid color reproduction, life-like textures and sharpness, and exceptional color fidelity and integrity. The family of professional silver halide paper offers a suite of choices that can be used for digital imaging. The latest addition to the lineup is Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper Deep Matte, a silver halide photographic color paper specifically designed for digitally printed professional photographs. Its unique matte surface makes beautiful prints with great viewer impact, can be printed on large format digital printers and with the Frontier digital minilab series.

In addition to Crystal Archive Photo Paper, Fujifilm also offers Crystal Archive Display Material including: Fujiflex polyester-based material that produces rich image color, pure whites, and razor sharp letters with exceptional surface gloss and flatness; Fujitrans for backlit displays and Fujiclear clear-based color print materials with outstanding full color saturation, and shadow detail ideal for small and large advertising and publicity displays or indoor decoration.

Wide Format Inkjet Solutions
Fujifilm’s recently announced Excellight™, a display film for use on inkjet printers designed to produce high quality photographic images for both backlit and reflective displays will also be featured during the PDN Virtual Trade Show. Suitable for use with both solvent-based and UV-cured inks, Excellight achieves comparable image quality in both daylight and night modes, making energy savings possible in daytime use, and the film offers excellent heat and humidity resistance.

Fujifilm will also have a representative available to discuss its full range of wide format inkjet media available for water-based inkjet systems such as Talbot Museum Fine Art Paper that has the “look” and feel of traditional, air-dried, silver halide, fiber-based, B&W papers.

Instant Film
Fujifilm will display the well-received Instax 200 Instant Film Camera and Instax Instant Color Film at PDN’s Virtual Trade Show. With its automatically-adjusting flash, high-resolution retracting lens and a big, clear viewfinder, the Fujifilm Instax 200 captures and delivers vivid, high-quality prints in an instant. The compatible Instax Instant Color Film is professional grade and delivers bright whites, dense blacks and vivid colors, and develops right before your eyes. Peel apart instant films are also available in color and black & white, as well as a 4x5 pack holder and newly introduced to the United States FP100B 45, a positive film which replaces Polaroid Type 54 film.

Professional and Commercial Film
Fujifilm’s Professional lineup of Fujicolor Pro Color Negative Film, ideal for the portrait photographer, will be showcased and constitute high-tech material that is simultaneously a sensor and recording medium, enabling photographers to dedicate more energy to composition. The film can be developed and scanned earning a rich resource of digital image information, or through conventional analog printing. Exceptionally high resolution and economic efficiency establishes the Fujicolor Pro lineup as a cutting edge tool for professional photographers, and is available in 4 variations – 160S, 160C, 400H, and 800Z.

A series of Fujichrome Color Reversal Film will also be “on display” as part of Fujifilm’s Professional film lineup. Renowned for their highly precise color reproduction, fine grains, and ease of use under mixed indoor/outdoor lighting, they are ideal for landscape and scenery shots as well as a variety of other commercial and professional applications. The Fujichrome family of films includes Astia 100F; Provia 100F, 400F, and 400X; Velvia 50, 100, 100F; and T64 Tungsten.

Fujicolor Press Color negative films, ideal for outdoor sports, fast-action shooting and photojournalism, and other media-related applications will also be available from the show floor. Fujifilm’s family of NEOPAN black and white pro films will also be featured. Known for its fine grain and texture plus high sharpness, Fujifilm NEOPAN black and white film is ideal for a variety of professional photography applications including portraits, landscapes, architecture subjects, product photography, photomicrography and duplication work.

Digital Cameras
FinePix Digital Cameras
Following the long line of award-winning FinePix F-series models, Fujifilm will showcase its latest in high quality picture taking, the FinePix F200 EXR digital camera, introducing the world to Super CCD EXR technology. Super CCD EXR technology gives the user professional photographic results. Selectable Sensor modes capture the ultimate image quality in three distinctive ways: Pixel Fusion Mode, delivering high ISO sensitivity with extremely low noise for low light environments; Dual Capture mode, using different pixel sensitivities for the highest level of detail; and Fine Capture mode, maximizing full 12-MegaPixel resolution for the sharpest, clearest images. In addition to these advances, the FinePix F200EXR includes an innovative SR AUTO automatic scene recognition feature that recognizes six different scene types and automatically selects the ideal mode, focus, sensitivity and white balance for truly remarkable pictures.

As part of the expanded and popular Z-series digital cameras for young-at-heart, trend-savvy consumers, Fujifilm will showcase the FinePix Z33WP digital camera, Fujifilm’s first waterproof camera. The FinePix Z33WP enables users to capture those precious moments, regardless of the conditions, and share them easily with their extended network of friends and family members. The 10-MegaPixel FinePix Z33WP is available in three striking colors – green, pink and black – and is ready for any adventure including underwater activity up to 10 feet. The Z33WP uses a 3x optical Fujinon zoom lens, has SR AUTO, and features a 2.7”, 230,000 pixel resolution LCD screen – the largest of any Z-series camera yet.

Another recent addition to this popular line is the FinePix Z30, the third installment of its Z-series ultra-glam cameras designed specifically for ‘Generation Z,’ the younger, tech-savvy, fashion-conscious consumer. Boasting a 2.7” LCD screen, this 10 MegaPixel camera is available in three hot colors - pink, orange, and black – has a Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens, SR AUTO, and like its predecessor the FinePix Z20, the Z30 can Face it with Face Detection Technology and Blog it with Dual Blog Mode.

In the tradition of the popular and well-received FinePix S1000, Fujifilm will present its successor, the FinePix S1500 long zoom camera, with its Fujinon 12x optical zoom (33mm-396mm equivalent). The 10-MegaPixel FinePix S1500 offers great range and flexibility. Like all FinePix S-series digital cameras, the FinePix S1500 includes Fujifilm's Dual Image Stabilization and SR AUTO modes to easily provide the best quality picture with increased clarity and sharpness, even in low light conditions.

The newest additions to Fujifilm’s popular FinePix J-series line-up also will also be on display at the virtual trade show. With sleek designs and powerful features, the FinePix J20 and FinePix J250 are great digital camera options that both have SR AUTO. At only 17.4mm thick, the FinePix J20 is the perfect on-the-go camera fitting easily into a shirt pocket or hand bag. Despite its size, the FinePix J20’s black metal body houses a 10 MegaPixel CCD, a 3x Fujinon optical zoom lens and a brilliant 2.7” LCD which displays images with sharpness and clarity. The FinePix J250 boasts a 3” high resolution LCD and Fujinon 5x wide angle optical zoom which makes it easy to capture distant objects or large groups at close range.

Fujifilm also will present the 10-MegaPixel A150 digital camera. The A150 includes all the necessary features essential to today’s consumer photographers such as a large 3” LCD and Face Detection technology, and runs on two AA batteries for convenient replacement.


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