FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc.

Company Structure

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Inc. is responsible for all U.S., Puerto Rico and Caribbean operations for Fuji's full line of medical imaging products. The company is divided into three distinct groups: the Medical Imaging Group, the Non-Destructive Testing Group (NDT) and the Science Systems Group.

The Medical Imaging Group includes digital imaging equipment and related medical technologies. Products include: Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR®) systems; image and information management systems; laser and dry imaging systems; networking systems for all medical imaging modalities; x-ray imaging films; x-ray intensifying screens and cassettes; automated x-ray film processors; and film-handling equipment.

ProSolv CardioVascular is a leading provider of enterprise-level image and information management solutions for the clinical analysis and management of digital medical images for cardiology. The ProSolv® CardioVascular CVIIS (cardiovascular image and information system) is a web-based, vendor- and hardware-neutral, software only solution that supports all cardiovascular subspecialties with superior image management and reporting capabilities. And, when integrated with Fujifilm Medical System’s Synapse® PACS, image and report access is truly enterprise wide. ProSolv® CardioVascular improves physician productivity, enhances customer revenue opportunities, automates complex medical imaging workflow, and maximizes customers’ return on investment in capital equipment and clinical information systems.

The Non-Destructive Technologies Group (NDT) includes Computed Radiography and x-ray film systems for non-destructive testing in the industrial marketplace, including the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, electronics and composites industries. Products include: NDT CR; x-ray films; intensifying and lead screens; developing chemistry; film processors; silver reclamation systems; cineradiography systems; and films.

The Science Systems Group includes Computed Radiography systems for biological research, including bio-imaging analyzers and hardcopy imaging systems.

Fuji will continue to capitalize on its breadth of technical and clinical expertise and depth of experience in managing digital images to develop new and innovative products for the medical, scientific and industrial industries utilizing the most advanced software, communications and information technologies.