FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants

Manufacturing Facilities

Production facilities at New Castle, Delaware and Grangemouth in Scotland offer a unique combination of product development and scale up capabilities with significant economies of scale and capability for further expansion as market demand dictates.

  • Tightly managed global supply chain through vertical integration from colorant to inkjet ink production
  • Decades of experience in operation for demanding quality standards for inkjet applications
  • Efficient 'New Product Introduction' processes on each site
  • Technology Centers located at both sites for product development and scale up, and technical support

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants, Inc.

Facility Overview

  • Multiple buildings and structures of manufacturing, technology and commercial activities:
    24 acres of land area and 51,500 square feet of facility space
  • Solvent rated manufacturing areas in high-bay building
  • Wastewater handling capabilities for color effluent
  • On-site warehousing

New Castle Ink Technology Center
Our state-of-the-art research facility is dedicated to developing the next generation of proprietary inks for an expanding range of applications. Along with its cutting edge equipment and techniques, the Center has a team of chemists and engineers with a deep understanding of formulation and chemistry of colorants, more than 25 years' experience developing inks, and detail knowledge of jet design and ink operability.

FUJIFILM Imaging Colorants Limited

Facility Overview

  • 24/7 batch production facility
    • Top tier COMAH (Control Of Major Accident Hazards) site
    • ISO9001 and 14001 registered
  • Manufactures proprietary dyes and pigment dispersions for digital printing
  • Assets range from 0.5m3 to 60m3
  • Aqueous and solvent process
  • Bulk material storages
  • Raw materials warehousing (on and off site)
  • Manufacturing competencies:
    • Complex chemical reactions
    • Filtration
    • Drying
    • Purification
    • Particle size reduction

Grangemouth Colorant Technology Centre
Our facility is dedicated to the development of unique aqueous dyes, the research and development of proprietary aqueous pigment dispersions, and provides support to toner and infrared absorber manufacture.

This facility in Grangemouth is responsible for the development of RxD products and the scale-up of dye and pigment production processes, and has a suite of modern laboratories of 800 square meters:

  • Measurement science for dye and pigment technology
  • Semi-tech pigments process area
  • Wide range of analytical equipment
  • Lab automation (synthesis, crystallization)
  • Membrane equipment (various types and materials)