Super DLTtape II

At a Glance

The new Fujifilm Super DLTtape II data cartridges provide the high capacity and performance capabilities essential to meet the needs of rapidly growing data centers, increasing storage requirements and regulatory compliance directives. Designed for use with the Quantum SDLT 600 tape drive, the Super DLTtape II format offers native capacity of 300GB and transfer speeds of up to 36MB per second.

When used with Quantum’s DLTIce™ functionality, any new, unused Super DLTtape II can be turned into a Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) cartridge. As a result, the Fujifilm Super DLTtape II can meet today’s strict regulatory compliance requirements, including those mandated under SEC 17a-4. Fujifilm's Super DLTtape II media has an archival life of 30 years, addressing the storage longevity concerns of IT managers and CTOs.

The Fujifilm Super DLTtape II cartridge is based on Fujifilm proprietary ATOMM (Advanced Super Thin-layer & High Output Metal Media) technology. The media incorporates a nonmagnetic lower layer with an ultra-thin upper layer of high-energy metal particles applied simultaneously to a base film. The result is extremely low self-demagnetization, increased high-frequency output and significantly higher recording density.


  • Capacity: 300GB (Native) / 600GB (Compressed) on an SDLT 600 drive
  • Transfer speed of up to 36MB/second
  • Utilizes Fujifilm’s proprietary ATOMM tape coating technology
  • DLTIce™ capable for WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Super DLTtape II