Permivault Intelligent Online Archive - Online Data Archiving

At a Glance

Secure online storage with enterprise-class support, backed by Fujifilm, a world-leading supplier of data protection solutions in medical imaging, media and entertainment, and IT.

Permivault provides both on-premise and off-site solutions that automate, monitor and validate file transfers, ensuring integrity of the data protection process.

Permivault offers a cost-effective enterprise licensing model with scalability that supports the long-term preservation of big data and ever-growing archives, today and in the future.

Permivault features include:

  • Secure online storage for disaster recovery and long-term data archiving
  • Files are available online 24/7 for immediate recovery
  • Reliable world-class data center, SSAE 16 and HIPAA HITECH compliant
  • Includes on-premise solutions to seamlessly connect to our off-site data center
  • Support for multiple connection methods
  • Multi-copy policies and custom data protection plans
  • Export support for offline storage vaulting
  • Data migration and import services
  • Available disaster recovery courier service
  • 365/24/7 customer support

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