CodeStream Laser Markable Coating

Today you have several choices to mark variable, on-demand data to labels and packaging. Whether a UPC barcode, expiration date, lot and batch number, datamatrix code/2D code, or part of an e-pedigree process, the mark must be stable, machine readable, and unalterable. However, most methodologies used to write these codes are inherently flawed and lead to rejects, machine downtime, and loss of product integrity. Now there is a reliable technology that quickly and securely marks products with a low wattage CO2 laser–CodeStream.

Developed by FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals, CodeStream is a translucent, water-based laser markable coating that produces a high quality mark when exposed by a low power laser. The CodeStream mark is tamper-evident, deterring product counterfeiting and preventing the modification of product information such as expiration dates, serialized numbers, and lot codes.

Unlike other marking methods, CodeStream does not release VOC’s, solvents, or airborne particulates on the packaging line. Compatible with most laser writing packaging equipment, it is the first laser marking technology that is consistently readable, verifiable, and unalterable. Backed by superior service from the start to the final mark, CodeStream is your clear choice in product marking.

FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals has been an innovator in the specialty chemical industry and a leading chemical manufacturer since 1909. Our chemical engineering team developed CodeStream specifically to streamline production with a more efficient package marking methodology than the traditional methods of thermal transfer, inkjet, and laser ablation.

Consistently reliable, CodeStream is a cost-efficient, fast, and dependable solution for companies marking products in mass quantities. Switching to CodeStream is quick and easy as your existing packaging process can readily integrate laser marking.

Benefits to Brand Owners Include:

  • CodeStream-coated labels and packaging arrive ready to mark – no further supplies are required.
  • CodeStream replaces other technologies that require unfavorable and expensive consumables and disposables such as ink and transfer ribbons.
  • CodeStream is tamper-evident for reliable track & trace data and to protect against counterfeiting and sales of expired product.
  • CodeStream speeds production with less downtime due to equipment maintenance.
  • CodeStream eliminates hazardous solvents, particulates, noxious fumes, and disposables from the marking production area.
  • CodeStream works with low wattage laser marking equipment, which requires less energy use and small capital investment for marking equipment.
  • CodeStream is consistently verifiable to reduce reject rates.
  • CodeStream is sustainable to help your company become "green."
  • CodeStream is fully supported by the manufacturer, FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals.

Secure Marking is Created within a Fraction of a Second

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CodeStream is a clean, cost-effective laser markable coating for label and package marking. Product manufacturers are quickly converting to the technology for good reason: It is a state-of-the-art marking process with tremendous benefits over traditional, unreliable alternatives.

Printers and converters of labels and printed packaging can help product manufacturers embrace the future of marking by offering laser markable printing solutions. CodeStream dovetails nicely with the printing process to add a new revenue stream. It is a translucent, aqueous-based coating applied in the flexo process like an ink anywhere on the label or package. Requiring just a microscopically thin coating on a substrate, CodeStream can generate a positive return on investment.

Quality Control, Production & Support

Available directly from our ISO-certified production plant, CodeStream is manufactured to exacting specifications. On the press there is no slinging and it offers easy clean-up. Unlike other coatings, CodeStream produces highly consistent results, which can easily be spot-checked and verified in a UV viewing booth or with a heat gun.

With CodeStream comes the full support of FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals technicians who will work with you and manufacturers to ensure perfection through the process from pre-press to final marking applications.

Packaging Applications Include All Product Manufacturing Industries

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics & Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Tobacco
  • Agriculture

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CodeStream is a translucent coating that reacts to laser energy forming a mark.

Compare Today's Marking Technologies

Compared to existing, traditional marking technologies widely in use today, CodeStream offers advantages over each process in every aspect of production.

Production Throughput

CodeStream eliminates printer clean-up and requires minimal machine maintenance to keep production at maximum output with less downtime. Because CodeStream is consistent, reject rates are held to a minimum.


CodeStream eliminates particulates, VOCs, and disposables such as ribbons and cartridges from the marking process. It is a clean technology that reduces environmental impact.

Track & Trace and E-Pedigree

With CodeStream's high verification grade comes increased data control efficiencies, a reduction of reject rates, and an end to illegible bar codes or lost data.

Counterfeit Resistant

Tamper-evident and rub resistant, CodeStream provides maximum product security and brand protection. CodeStream marked products will not be reintroduced to the marketplace with altered data. The mark’s recognizable quality also deters counterfeiting.

Imaging Quality

Low marking density and resolution can cause legibility problems. Offering the highest laser resolution, CodeStream puts an end to any limitations of readability. Its ability to be placed anywhere on the package and the elimination of unsightly ablation patches present greater package design potential.

Speed & Compatibility

Compatible with the fastest, lower wattage laser settings, CodeStream maximizes marking efficiencies, resulting in optimal production throughput. Its compatibility with existing lasers can both lower energy costs and eliminate the need for additional equipment.