Instax 210 Instant Color Film System

At a Glance

With its automatically-adjusting flash, high-resolution retracting lens and a big, clear viewfinder, the Fujifilm Instax 210 captures and delivers vivid, high-quality prints in an instant. The compatible Instax Instant Color Film is professional grade and provides superior performance. Included with the Instax 210 is a removable close-up lens adapter.


  • LCD control panel displaying focal distance and film count
  • Programmed electronic shutter, 1/64-1/200 sec
  • Automatic flash for low-light shooting
  • Two-range selectable shooting options: 0.9-3m and 3m-Infinity
  • High-speed ISO 800
  • Super-Fine grain
  • Vivid, sharp images
  • Fast developing
  • Close-up lens adapter
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty (Click here to view)

Key Markets

  • Photo Market
  • Law Enforcement
  • Evidence Photographers /CSI
  • Correctional Facilities/Jails
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Hospitals, Doctors & Dentists
  • Modeling Agencies
  • Event Marketers & Party Planners
  • Gun Shops / Handgun Training Facilities
  • Summer Camps
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Shipping / Freight businesses
  • Auto Repair Shops

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Instax 210 Camera

Instax 210 Camera



Instax Film Twin Pack

Instax Film Twin Pack

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