HAeE14-1 (Extender)


High quality E Series 1.4x Tele-Extender increases focal range of zooms and primes by 1.4x,with a minimal 1 F-stop loss.

Application 2/3″ HD Camera
Magnification 1.4 ×
Diameter × Length 78 × 40.6 mm
Weight 0.3 kg


  • T-No. on the master lens becomes 1.4 ×.
Digi Power
With broadcasting technology rapidly converting to digital, Fujinon has developed a new digital servo control system, DIGI POWER, to enhance the performance of its zoom lenses.
Digital Quick Zoom
Quick Zoom speed is improved to 0.7 seconds end to end. Quick Zoom provides for a rapid zoom movement to the telephoto position to check focus with the simple push of a button.


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