Pan/Tilt For Sony HDC-X300 Camera. Features smooth quiet operation. May be used with Fujinon or third party controllers. Product discontinued - For reference only.


Range of use Indoor
Operating temperature -10°C - +50°C
Applicable cameras 1/2″ small box-type cameras
Applicable lenses HSs18 × 5.5BMD
Pan-tilt range Pan 300°, Tilt ±95°
Pan-tilt speed Pan 25°/s, Tilt 25°/s
Speed ratio 1 : 30
Stopping accuracy Within ±10′
Acoustic noise level NC 40 dB or less (15°/s)
Maximum cable length 120 m (CPT-ESC)
Power consumption DC 15V (Supplied from the system controller)
Load capacity 4 kg
Weight Approx. 2.3 kg
Color Light gray
Attachment method 4 × M5 bolts

Outer size (mm)

[Diagram] EPT-7G-H2A

Example of system configuration

[Diagram] EPT-7G-H2A